Fuzzable Blogs: August 23 – One Hundred Articles!

One hundred articles. It’s hard to believe, but this blog post is my hundredth article for Fuzzable. Because of this, I’d like to utilize this blog as a reflection of my time with Fuzzable.

One lone night last September, I yearned to write for a website again, as I had previously written for a different site. I stumbled upon Fuzzable and immediately became enticed by their style and applied on a whim. To my surprise, I was accepted to write for them, and I’ve loved creating every single one of these hundred articles.

I’ve been with Fuzzable for just short of one year, and in this time I wrote articles on a wide variety of topics. I’ve written reviews for books, movies, and television series. I’ve written various rankings. I’ve covered news and written opinion pieces. The list goes on.

And this is precisely why I’m so thankful for this website. I’ve expanded my horizons more than I thought I could, and it’s all culminated in a couple of very special moments. First, during springtime this year, our owner, Jack, reached out and asked if I would like to be an administrator for the website in addition to writing for the site. I was extremely honored, and agreed immediately. Second,  because of a writer having seen my other book reviews, I received my very first advanced reader copy of a book to review. These moments are ones I’ll remember forever.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to anyone has taken any time out of their days to read an article of mine, or to share it around. The support I’ve received since being with Fuzzable – both by family and friends and by the Fuzzable team itself – has been unreal. I look forward to many more years with this wonderful team, and I look forward to continuously reinventing my style and bringing new articles to the web.

To see my full catalogue of articles for Fuzzable, a year’s worth of memories, click here.

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