Fuzzable Blogs October 7th- Albums you can listen to again and again

I recently had a conversation with a lady who has over 23 years experience in the music industry, we were discussing her upcoming album. The topic led to her revealing she likes listening to albums that are cohesive bodies of work she can listen to in their entirety without feeling the need to skip a track. She hopes she has created an album that makes people feel like that, with her upcoming release.

The conversation got me thinking about what albums I still listen to without skipping tracks, a quick look at my iTunes account showed there were actually not that many.  But I thought I’d share the ones I do listen to regularly with you.

What To Do With Daylight- Brooke Fraser

This was Brooke’s first album it was released in 2003. I was introduced to it by my Aunt and Cousin when I went to visit them in New Zealand. The album had helped my aunt through a battle with breast cancer. When she played it to me and then subsequently gifted me with a copy when I returned home, it became a firm favorite and still is to this day.

LeAnn Rimes- Greatest Hits

LeAnn Rimes was the voice of the Coyote Ugly movie soundtrack. Her greatest hits album features all of the classics from the film as well lots of other great pop and country tracks.

The Script- The Script

I first saw The Script live in 2009 when they supported Take That on their Circus Live tour. I was already a fan having heard their songs on the radio. Seeing them live cemented my love and respect for the three talented artists who make up The Script. The band’s debut album was released the previous year and contains one of my all-time favorite songs The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and 10 years on this album is still one I love to listen to the whole way through.

Spiceworld- The Spice Girls

Spice Girls were an iconic band and essentially shaped my childhood. The Spiceworld album released in 1997, is 10 tracks of pure pop goodness, that is still as catchy as ever today and great fir singing along to in the car.

Tears on The Dancefloor- Steps

With their reunion to celebrate their 20th Anniversary Steps released their first new album in years, and they made Pop music cool again. It’s just a great transition from their older Steps sound keeping with what everyone loved them for the first time around. It’s a really catchy album.


What albums can you listen to all the way through without skipping a track? Let us know in the comments below or over on @Fuzzable!


Written by Kelly McFarland

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