Fuzzable Blogs: November 7th, Losing My Voice

On October 20th I had surgery on my vocal cords.

It was a really last minute thing. They called me on the 18th asking if I could go in on the 20th.

The surgery went well I was told when I came round from the general anesthetic. Great I said when I can leave. We are keeping you in for two days came the bad news, we need to give you steroid injections.

I wasn’t pleased. I’d been told this was a day surgery, in and out.

I spent the weekend in the hospital. They advised to take a week off work, I did. I was all ready to go back to work, they said no not yet, take another week.

This now the third week they’ve said this as my voice is not strong enough to sustain in my work environment which involves a lot of talking.

I’m fed up. I want to go back to work.

Yes not having my voice is frustrating and not talking is so hard and when I do talk more than a few sentences I end up coughing. But I want to be busy and be normal. I’ve had more than enough of daytime TV.

Having no voice really limits what you can do, even going to the shop and paying for your shopping is a chore as people can’t hear you.

You also get really tired super easily as your straining to produce sound that your chords can’t or don’t want to make. There is also the risk of causing more damage. How to care for your voice was something I blogged about in September. You can read it here if you want!

I’m the first to admit i’m rubbish at caring for my voice, but this month I’m trying to be better so I can go back to work!


Written by Kelly McFarland

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