Fuzzable Blogs: My Top 13 Kingdom Hearts Characters

So, I think we can all agree that Kingdom Hearts is one of the biggest gaming franchises. Between having three main games, five side games, a one hour kind of movie and a two hour Kingdom Hearts 3 prologue, it has quite a few titles under its belt and, to go with all of that, a very dedicated fanbase too!

Of course, with that many games, there are also a fair few characters too. Not only is there a wide range of original characters, we also have Disney, Final Fantasy and The World Ends With You characters in there as well! So, I thought I would make a list of my top thirteen Kingdom Hearts characters, although, this is only original characters as cameos is a list for another day. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

There is a spoiler warning here too so be warned!!

13) Kairi

As one of the original characters in Kingdom Hearts, I couldn’t not include Kairi on my list! Kairi starts off as a mystery as we actually don’t know much about her apart from the fact that she’s friends with Sora and Riku but she’s from another world. We start off not knowing what world she came from and why.

Throughout the series, Sora repeatedly talks about his friends and how they are his power and motivation to keep going so, sadly, we don’t see Kairi with our main hero much as they always seem to be separated! But, when we see these three together again, it always truly warms out hearts. From damsel in distress to fully fledged Keyblade wielder, Kairi isn’t a character anyone should look down on as she truly is such a strong, female character who truly lives up to being pure light.

12) Siax

Oh hello, first Organization member on the list! Although, this is kind of both Siax and Isa because I love them both equally. I know a lot of people won’t have any Organization members of their list but I couldn’t help myself! Siax is one of the Organization members that I generally feel sorry for. Throughout Kingdom Hearts 3, he talks to Axel about this girl that the two of them were friends with and that she is one of his main motivations along with Axel. But, he gets stressed and jealous when he feels like Axel has replaced him with Roxas and Xion.

One of my favourite moments throughout all of Kingdom Hearts is in Birth By Sleep when we see Isa and Lea as children when they meet Ventus for the first time. I just think that this whole scene is so sweet, Isa and Lea just bounce off of each other but you can tell how much they truly care about each other which makes Siax’s feelings of betrayal that much more heartbreaking. And, when Siax dies at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, it breaks me when he confesses how he was feeling to Axel like leave me here I’m fine, I’m just so happy Isa got that happy ending!

11) Namine

From her first appearance in Chain of Memories, Namine has been a firm fan favourite. She’s such an integral part of the story and has broken our hearts many times. From taking away Sora’s memories of Kairi to redeeming herself by giving them back, she’s just such an incredible character and it is no surprise that she is a favourite!

Although, she may not have the most screen time through the series, Namine’s screen time is some of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking as well as the fact it contains some of the most important story parts. That’s why I was so happy when she appeared at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 happy again. I love her so much and I hope we continue to see her thriving throughout upcoming games.

10) Marluxia

Is this another Organization member that we have here? It is. My love for Marluxia is insane at this point! I know that he’s one of the main antagonists within the Organization but, he is such a wonderful character! I think that Marluxia’s character arc is such an incredibly emotional journey that we all go on. Especially at the end when Sora takes his life and he talks about the fact that he finally feels like he can feel again and thanks Sora for it, it just truly has my heart.

Marluxia is one of the characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 that I wish we had gotten to see more of. I know that we saw him in Tangled and at the end, but that still wasn’t enough! I also love his relationship with Larxene, I feel like the two of them have a wonderful little relationship and it breaks me slightly when Larxene basically admits that she’s only in the Organization for his benefit. I love the two of them together and I really wish we had seen more of them!

9) Ienzo

If you look up sunshine in the dictionary, I swear you will find a picture of Ienzo smiling from Kingdom Hearts 3. I love Ienzo with my entire heart and I think he is just so sweet! From the very start back in Birth By Sleep, Ienzo is just this little child that is being carried along by Even and we don’t really know anything about him. Again, I really wish we had seen more of Ienzo throughout the series because even as an Organization member, we don’t see enough of it.

One of my absolute favourite things about Ienzo is that he’s one of the Organization members that you can tell truly feels regret about what he did in his run with the Organization. He spends the whole of Kingdom Hearts 3 helping our heroes out and he doesn’t stop, he spends all of his time trying to work out how to get Roxas back who was truly treated badly by the Organization so I love that Ienzo truly redeems himself.

8) Terra

Terra is one of the most underappreciated Kingdom Hearts and I’m going to need you all to stop sleeping on him! Yes, he makes some mistakes in Birth By Sleep, yes he does end up helping Xehanort but he hates himself for that. He was so manipulated throughout all of Birth By Sleep and all he truly wanted to do was protect his friends and he feels so horrific for everything that he has done by the end.

Also, Terra isn’t in Kingdom Hearts 3 that much but he has such a huge character development. When he returns, he doesn’t go on a rampage against Xehanort because he knows that’s what he wants, he just stays with his friends to protect them. It truly shows how much he cares for his two best friends and how much they have guided him back to finding his light and it just warms my heart so much. Terra is such an incredible character and we all need to start hyping him up the same amount as we hype Aqua up.

7) Vanitas

So, you don’t like Vanitas? I get it, I really do. Vanitas is a bit of an arse okay, I know but have you read his backstory? It’s so heartbreaking. I am not excusing all of the bad things Vanitas has done but, the unversed are what he releases every time he’s angry or sad or in pain and it just becomes such a vicious cycle for him so I can see why he then does some of the things he does.

Again, I know Vanitas is a bad person but he’s also so funny. Some of my favourite lines are delivered by Vanitas and one of my favourite parts in the whole of Kingdom Hearts 3 is when Sully throws him through a door, it just makes me cackle. So, anyway, I really do love Vanitas. I think he is such an interesting character that has such a complex backstory that people don’t really look into and appreciate. Honestly, I just want us all to give Vanitas a hug and tell him he can come to the light.

6) Sora

I honestly feel bad that Sora is only number six on my list, honestly, take numbers six to three with a pinch of salt because they all change around quite a lot.

I mean, who would I be not putting the main hero on my list? Sora is such an incredible character and person. He just cares so much about all of his friends around him, even people like Aqua, Axel etc who he hasn’t even known for that long. All he wants in his life is to protect all of his friends and it is so heartwarming to have a character that isn’t really motivated by a love interest, he is motivated by love but by love for his friends.

I love following Sora’s journey and boy is it a journey. From that little kid in Birth By Sleep talking about Riku to a character who saves the world. Sora’s development is one of the best character developments I have ever seen. From that sweet boy who doesn’t really understand what is going on to this strong man who also doesn’t always understand what’s going on. I’m joking, kind of, come on, Sora is a bit dumb but that’s why we all love him. I love in Kingdom Hearts 3 where Donald is always ripping into Sora, I just find it funny okay but they do all truly care so much about each other and it just warms my heart.

I love Sora with my entire heart and I’m going to need us to get him back now because I am very stressed right now.

5) Riku

From Sora to his best friend, Riku. Long story short, I love Riku so, so much. Talking about character development, Riku again has one of the best. From having the darkness inside of him to striving to find Sora and to help everyone around him to becoming a Keyblade master, Riku deserves all of the good things that happen to him and I’m so proud of him.

The only thing that disappoints me with Riku is that we don’t get to play as him as much as I want to. We only really get to play as Riku in Dream Drop Distance which isn’t my favourite game. I really thought we were going to get Riku as a proper playable character in Kingdom Hearts 3 but we only got to play as him for about five minutes so that really did disappoint me.

Overall, Riku is such a sweet character that I feel like isn’t underappreciated but I feel like we don’t truly appreciate the things that Riku has been through. He goes through so much in such a short period of time and we all talk about how much Sora goes through but how much does Riku go through? He’s manipulated, he’s torn down but he still stands strong at the end and that’s why I love him.

4) Ventus

Time to talk about my favourite puppy dog apart from maybe Zack Fair but anyway, Ventus. My small puppy who is just the absolute cutest character of all time. Saying that though, Ventus goes through so much and I feel like we all talk about how much Ventus goes through during Birth By Sleep but his story is so much bigger than that. He’s one of the original Dandelions, he’s lived for so long but gets his memories wiped and Xehanort just uses him and he goes through so much.

Obviously, in Birth By Sleep we go through Vanitas’ manipulation and how terrified Ventus is that his friends are all going to leave him and it just breaks my heart. But no matter what, Ventus fights so hard for his friends, Terra and Aqua as well as the other friends that he makes through his journey. Ventus is seen as the weaker of the three of them but he truly isn’t. He’s such a strong character which is especially shown when he gets waken up in Kingdom Hearts 3 when he just puts Vanitas in his place, it makes me so proud.

So, yes, I love Ventus so much, he’s underrated and nobody appreciates how much he has truly been through in his life and I’m hoping he continues to thrive.

3) Aqua

Here we are, my Queen. Get ready for some proper gushing through the next three characters because I love all three of them with my entire heart. Let’s talk about Aqua and how incredible she is because she’s so smart and strong and just beautiful, my proper girl crush for sure.

Let’s talk about the fact if Terra and Ventus had listened to Aqua in the first place, Kingdom Hearts never would have happened but nope, they brushed her off. It annoys me okay. Aqua is probably the smartest character throughout the whole series but she is also such a warrior and she’s so compassionate when it comes to everyone around her. When she comes out of the trauma of the Realm of Darkness, her first thought is to go and get Ventus because she cares so much about the people around her especially when it comes to Ventus and Terra. And, when Terra says that she basically lit his way back to the light makes me want to sob. I love this trio so much.

Aqua is just such a strong female character that we should truly be celebrating because we should all be strong and compassionate and ever since I was ten years old, I’ve looked up to her and I cannot wait to see where her story goes in the future.

2) Axel

Number two, Axel, got it memorized? My love for Axel is truly explainable. I remember playing Chain of Memories for the first time and when he appeared for the first time, I was like, yes, I love him, my sarcastic little shit. Axel is again, such an interesting character. We learn pretty early on that he betrays the Organization which shows that he has so many layers to him. We then see in Kingdom Hearts 2 how much he loves Roxas and how much he just wants him back, he literally apologizes and sacrifices himself because he can’t get him back.

His character development is amazing. I loved Axel in Kingdom Hearts 3 more than I even thought was possible. He finally fully realises his own worth and isn’t taking anything from the Organization because he knows that he is worth so much more than them and I just wanted to cheer for him. Also, his friendship with Kairi? The absolute cutest thing ever. He cares so much about the people around him and his face when Roxas returns to him made me cry because he’s just so happy that he’s finally gotten his best friend back.

I love him so much. His and Roxas’ friendship just kept me going through a hard time in my life and he just warms my heart so much.

1 Roxas

If you know me or happen to follow me on Twitter, you knew. You knew this was coming, there was no doubt that Roxas was going to be my number one and I am definitely stalling because I can’t even explain how much I love this character and how much he means to me, like where do I even start?

Whereas most people were moaning that we didn’t start Kingdom Hearts 2 with Sora, I was thriving. From the end of the first day, I loved Roxas and just wanted to protect him and by the end of day six, I was sobbing over him. He was so scared and he was so manipulated and abused by the Organization. He went through so much abuse from most of the Organization members and didn’t really understand what was going on and I think people really brush over that trauma that he goes through. Yet, he does keep going until the end and until the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 where he comes back to help his friends. This character truly has my whole heart because he is just the sweetest, strongest bean.

Roxas has just always stuck with me. And, through 358/2 Days, people just insult him for the fact he cares about ice cream but, he doesn’t understand and to him, ice cream is what friendship is and when Axel and Xion don’t come to him for ice cream, he just thinks they’ve left him and that’s heartbreaking. The emotional impact of the whole line is just like a punch in the gut. Like yes, ice cream doesn’t seem like a thing that can be made emotional but it truly is, like I said, ice cream to Roxas is friendship and shows that people cares about him even though he’s just abused by the Organization.

It was like 4am when I got to Roxas coming back in Kingdom Hearts 3 and I was absolutely sobbing my heart out. It’s all I wanted throughout the whole game and what I love about the game and Roxas is that it shows that he has a huge impact on so many people even though he doesn’t think he has and I just love him.

He is just one of my favourite characters of all time. He just makes me so happy and has truly been a comfort blanket for me. I know how to felt, until I got to college I didn’t have proper friends so his relationship with Axel and Xion just kept me going through a lot of being a teenager. He’s just such a huge part of my Kingdom Hearts story.

So, there you go, that’s my personal favourite Kingdom Hearts characters. But, what are yours? Let me know by tweeting us @Fuzzable.

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