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Fuzzable Blogs: May 4 – MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU and Bullet Journaling

I decided to not use my new article template this month because I actually have something to talk about.

I STARTED MY OWN WEBSITES. One of them is dedicated to bullet journaling and studying while the other is my own private blog. Because they are brand new I haven’t bought my own domain yet. Maybe I will eventually if the websites start to do well.

For now, the website is BuJoAndStudying.wordpress.com. That’s a tentative name for now. I would like to eventually shorten the name of the site so it’s easier for people to remember.

I have a few writers for the site currently and I’m looking for a few more. I really hope this site becomes something that people like. I love bullet journaling and would love to teach other people how to do it too. It has really helped me keep my life organized and get the things done that I need to.

It was difficult for me to understand at first, so I hope this website will help people understand how to bullet journal a little bit better.

My second website is GraceBongBlog.Wordpress.com. Currently, the only post on the site is an intro article about me and my goals for the site.


What do you think of my new websites? Leave a comment down below or tweet us at @Fuzzable!

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