Fuzzable Blogs: May 23 – From Writer To YouTuber

You’ve just started to read this and have no idea why it wasn’t published yesterday. It’s May 24th, right? I’m sorry. I’m now a YouTuber with an extremely busy schedule, and all the other stuff. Almost. But I really am sorry for being late again.

If you’ve read my previous posts you know that I’ve almost always known that I want to be a journalist. However, I had no idea I’ll ever end up editing weekly vlogs on YouTube. Well, this is actually happening right now, and this time, I’ll tell you the whole story.

Throwback to a couple of years; I was about 11. Writing novels, I decided to make trailers for my stories to show my readers how I’d imagine the characters. I downloaded bunch of gifs and special scenes from movies, and started editing videos that summed up what my stories were about. I loved making those videos, but I somehow stopped making them after a while, as I stopped writing the stories and started something new.

I became fan of One Direction, and then I made videos of myself talking in English – I thought it was something special until I realized that no one else watched except my family. Yet, I felt to be blessed when Louis’ grandpa Keith Tomlinson watched one of my videos himself, and told me it was beautiful. I was in college, and when I noticed the direct message on Twitter saying ‘I watched the video and I liked it. You have put a lot of work into it. Well done’ I cried in front of my friends. They had no clue what’s going on, and thought something bad happened.

I couldn’t believe I could get such an amazing response, even if my grammar and language skills were horrible at the time. – I, as a teenager, thought it was great. Well, it wasn’t, and after I didn’t have much fun making videos, I deleted them.

For school projects I made short movies, for my family I made videos about our holiday trips and somehow I came back to the start and found myself doing the same thing. My friends and family loved what I was doing and they wanted to see more and more. I still didn’t start vlogging then, but I watched lots of Hungarian YouTubers and found some really interesting topics. I knew I want to be someone who talks about important things, and not that type of vloggers who are ‘just funny’.

I use to say that people shouldn’t give up their dreams, and that they have to fight for them. I was always told I am not enough, and I’ve seen my closest friends giving up on what they want.

So, seeing those people, I decided to make my own YouTube channel with the message ‘Never Give Up’ and make inspiring, motivating videos for teenagers. I would love to help them in every way I can. I would love to make their life better, happier. I would love to show them that nothing is impossible, and that every single one of them is a gift God has sent to this world!

This is why I started vlogging, and this is how I became a YouTuber.

Wish me luck!


Written by Alexandra Nagy

I'm Alexandra from Hungary, and writing is not just my hobby - it's my passion. I'm a writer/journalist addicted to music, travelling, football, movies & books, proudly supporting Derby County Football Club. Any enquiries: abigofficial@gmail.com

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