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Fuzzable Blogs: May 21 – Life Spiral

We made it kids – it’s summer. Granted I have three summer classes that are starting in a couple weeks, but still. Warm weather is nice. And yet, somehow, I’m still stuck in a life spiral.

Life Spiral

I define a life spiral as a moment when your life seems to be spinning out of control. And that’s exactly what this past month has felt like. I think it all started when I realized that I would be graduating college a semester early, if not a full year. That’s a huge wake-up call that I need to get my life together. But somehow, that led to my life falling apart a little more. My job moved locations the week of finals, so I had the joy of hauling boxes for eight hours before frantically writing essays and studying for exams.

In addition, this whole realization led to me applying to a bunch of internships that actually have to do with my major and what I want to do with my life. This all built up to my poor brain becoming extremely frazzled, so much so that I actually submitted a couple assignments twice accidentally. Oops.

Now that I have a short break from school, my brain is doing better. I’m still exhausted, and have a bad tendency to sleep quite late. But I have high hopes that my life spiral will soon be spiraling up.

Written by Sarah

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