Fuzzable Blogs: May 16 – New beginnings in London

Welcome back to my monthly blog for Fuzzable! Back in March, I wrote about finding out that I was being laid off from work. Two months on, and I have some news to share…I’ve got a new job! And it’s in LONDON.

Yes, after 27 years of living in Wales, I am making the move to the Big Smoke and I am excited and terrified in equal measure. For years now, I have wanted to live in my favourite city in the UK but now that it’s happening, it’s actually very overwhelming.

So, let’s roll back a little to fill you in on all the details. During my last week of work at the charity shop (which was incredibly soul destroying, as I spent most of the time on my own clearing out what was left), I had a phone call about a job that I’d applied for. I then had to do a task, which led to me being offered an interview,

I was officially laid off from work on April 29, I had the interview the following day, and was offered the job the day after. I spent most of the day crying out of happiness, relief, shock, and fear. I’m delighted about securing a good job, but the upheaval and change that comes with it is massive for me, especially considering that I’ve been in my previous job for over five years, and I’ve never lived away from home.

I don’t start in my new job until the end of the month, but I think (and hope) that I will be really happy there. It’s not a job in the media industry, however, it involves content writing so I think it’s going to be the perfect stepping stone for me. Also, at the heart of all my articles for Fuzz, CelebMix and other outlets, it’s the writing side I love the most rather than any other aspect.

One of the biggest changes for me will be living elsewhere, and after a lot of difficulty in securing a new home in London, I have finally signed a tenancy agreement on a house share in Walthamstow. I knew it was going to be hard work to find somewhere to live but I didn’t anticipate it to be quite so draining. There are SO many con artists out there, and we almost got scammed twice (this will make for another blog in the near future), but I’m grateful that I’ve always been a bit of a doubter so caught them out without being left out of pocket. The house I’m moving into has a nice vibe to it, and I’ll be living with four other people so it’ll be great to meet some new people before starting work.

I’m going up to London a few times to move my stuff but I’ll be officially moving in 11 days time. It’s come around so quickly and I feel like time is definitely against me as I have so much left to do, loose ends to tie up, and ‘bye for now’s’ to say before going. One of the hardest goodbyes will be with my mam, who is also a like a sister and best friend rolled into one. For the longest time now, it’s been us two against the world, so living somewhere different without her will be strange. However, she’ll be up in London during the first two weekends in June for Rip It Up and Summertime Ball so it won’t be so bad.

Whilst the thought of leaving people behind is scary, one advantage that I have with moving to London is that I already know quite a few people who either live there or are there on a regular basis. I’m grateful for all the kindness they’ve shown me so far, and just knowing that I have people to turn to if I need to makes the whole moving process a lot less daunting.

Things are coming together slowly, and at this moment in time I feel quite calm about it all. Ask me again in a week’s time and I’ll probably be petrified again, but overall I’ve got a really good feeling that this new beginning will be everything that I need. It’s going to be an adventure for sure, and I can’t wait to see what London life will bring.

Check back next month for another Fuzzable blog from me and to hear about my first adventures in London. Get in touch with us via Twitter @Fuzzable

Written by Katrina

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