Fuzzable Blogs: May 15 – What I learned from ‘Lie to Me’

Happy post-Eurovision!

Boy, there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the song contest. I could talk about why and how I got into Eurovision, a crush alert on Alexander Rybak, or even my thoughts on the winning act. But after watching and re-watching the song contest and some footage from music videos, national finals, past press conferences, Wiwiblogs interviews, the pre-parties and the Blue Carpet opening ceremony, I want to talk about Mikolas Josef and the song “Lie to Me.”

What is “Lie to Me”?

Lie to me is a song written and performed by Mikolas himself that was performed in the 2018 Eurovision song contest over in Lisbon, Portugal. It reached 6th place during the grand finals, earning 281 points. According to Mikolas in an interview with the BBC, this song wasn’t supposed to be in Eurovision due to the language used in the song.

When I first heard the song, my first thoughts were that it was just another song about sex due to the number of sexual innuendoes that’s in the song. And there are A LOT!!! Thankfully, Wiwiblogs was able to interview him and ask for an explanation.

By the way she moved, got me making a puddle

– “Lie to Me” // Mikolas Josef

What was in the backpack?


On Instagram, Mikolas told his followers and fans that he will reveal what’s in his backpack on the Blue carpet opening ceremony as it’s shown in his rehearsal clips and interviews that he will perform with a backpack.

Heck, even Alexander Rybak himself did a short cover of his song and had a backpack on!

During the Blue Carpet opening ceremony that happened back on May 7, 2018, at 2 am AEST, Mikolas told the presenters of the event that he will reveal it at the end of the opening ceremony, so fans have to go watch the live stream that the ESC Czech Republic posted on Instagram just to view what was in it.

Then it was revealed that inside the back was not only a mirror but also the story of “Lie to Me.”

The story behind it is about Mikolas finally getting through a really bad break up because apparently, the girl he was with left him for someone else.

Then she got one of my friends
She got him dripping on wood
I know it hurt so bad but it feels so good
Quit sweet talking me
Now baby I don’t give a damn
You should have thought about me
Back when I was your man

– Second verse to Lie to Me (ESC version) // Mikolas Josef

It’s about finally letting go of what caused you pain and turning it into song.

“In the end it’s always you staring at the mirror and it’s going to be you helping yourself”

To me, “Lie to Me” represents being able to get back on your feet, that you’re able to finally let go or learn from your mistakes, and I think that’s where the backpack comes in. I would like to believe that the backpack symbolises the burden and grief that you’ll be carrying. You may not be able to change your past but you may be able to learn from them as all the sad and difficult moments in your life are now part of your life story.

In the end, I quite enjoyed the song very much. Sadly it didn’t win but it’s still a good song worth listening to. I also felt touched on the backstory behind the song which made me enjoy the song even more.

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