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Fuzzable Blogs: March 9th – I Got A Tattoo

With Confidence’s Better Weather tour finally hit the UK and let me tell you, it made me so happy. I was lucky enough to be able to go to three dates and the happiness I’m feeling at the moment is absolutely wonderful.

I got into With Confidence about nine months ago. My best friend came into college one day and said that she had really got into them and I got into them around three months later. They’re one of those bands that just made me happy straight away. The first song that I listened to was Godzilla and then London Lights. Both of them made me smile and I knew from then on that they’d become one of my favourite bands. Back in June 2016, they released their debut full length album, Better Weather. Since then, we’ve been waiting for a Better Weather UK tour.

On February 24th, that tour started down in London. Being at the first night of tour is always so special. The excitement of not knowing the setlist, the absolute buzz the band produce because it’s the first date. And, it was our first time seeing them live so there was a proper excitement around it. Despite almost not getting there at all because of trains, we did and it was incredible. It also introduced me to three new bands; Milestones, Safe To Say and Broadside which I found a love for all three by the end of the three dates that I did. As well as seeing them live, they also took the time to come and meet their fans outside after the show. That meant I took part in the most British conversation ever, aka, talking about the weather with Josh.

The eight days between the London show and the Nottingham show seemed to drag past so slowly. Anticipation and excitement were most definitely getting the better of me. Finally the day rolled around and I was so excited, I couldn’t sit still! Although, unfortunately, somebody put a downer on the might by stealing some guitars and other equipment from the bands, the gig itself was so full of energy and happiness. All three bands brought an amazing buzz to the stage and everyone was soon screaming lyrics at the top of their lungs. And, when Luke came out to talk to some people, he shouted about the fact they were coming back for Slam Dunk and my heart jumped because I’m so excited to see them again.

The next brought around the Birmingham date which, was the best night of my life. Even though I was absolutely shattered from the night before, that all seemed to go away as soon as I stepped into the venue. Unfortunately, we arrived late. That meant that we missed some of Milestones’ set but we caught the last couple songs. But, Safe To Say and Broadside definitely both brought the house down. The thing that made me happiest about With Con’s set was how happy they seemed. Their set was full of great songs, funny moments and just complete happiness from the crowd and the band.

In Birmingham, I asked drummer, Josh if he could write out my tattoo. He did it and so did every member of the band which made me happy. And, today, I actually got the tattoo done! I didn’t think my With Confidence tattoo would actually be my first one yet here we are.

The lyrics that I’ve not got tattooed are “I fight through to see tomorrow” from “Gravity.” I choose these lyrics because they mean so much to me. This band have become such a rock for me through the last eight months or so and I’m so thankful. I listen to Gravity every night before I go to sleep to remind myself that I need to keep fighting. And, now, I can look down at my arm and see them every time I need a boost. I’m honestly so thankful for this band and this song.

So, really, I just want to say thank you to With Confidence for everything.

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