Fuzzable Blogs: March 4 – Turning 17 and Birthdays in General

Birthdays used to be so fun for me; now they are just another day.

Turning 15-year-old Grace might have looked happy in that picture, but she wasn’t. Birthdays stopped being fun for me around 13 years old. It turned into just another day for me. I used to look forward to it so much, but now, why did it matter that it was my birthday?

I think everyone hits that point in their life where birthdays just stop being fun. Some people hit it faster than others.

I’m turning 17 on March 15th. For me, that’s just another day. My friends and family are excited and I don’t understand why. It’s honestly just another day, but maybe that’s just me. Feel free to explain to me in the comments why I should start loving my birthday again or why you don’t get excited about yours anymore.

I feel bad that I don’t like my birthday anymore. My family members always ask me why I don’t look excited anymore when I open presents. It makes me look like I’m not thankful for the things I get when I really am. However, every year it gets harder and harder to fake being happy when my birthday rolls around.

I really have no good ending to this, it was just a bunch of rambling. Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us at @Fuzzable.

Written by Grace Bong

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