Fuzzable Blogs: March 30th – Give

We can all get into a funk from time to time can’t we?

You know that feeling, where it seems like nothing is going right?

You don’t feel like yourself, there’s something bothering you, but you don’t know what? You don’t feel completely happy, but you don’t know why?

That inner turmoil and anguish, combined with constant overthinking can drive a person INSANE!!

When you’re experiencing those all-encompassing feelings, it’s difficult to think clearly or rationally and, at times, it can feel like life is a little bit unbearable.

I have definitely felt like this at various points in my life… probably more times than I’d like to admit.


The only thing that gets me through hard times is to give.

To give just for the sake of sharing and not for what I can get for it.

So whenever you feel down or trapped, get out of yourself and try do something nice for someone else.

Do something before you are asked to do it, push yourself beyond your comfort zone; if for no other reason than to brighten someone else’s day. Help someone in need, go the extra mile, do all you can make someone smile… you’ll be surprised how much better it will make you feel.

Pay someone a compliment, encourage others to do well, applaud those who already are… I’m not saying all of your problems and feelings will go away overnight and never comeback to bother you again, but I think you’ll soon see how much better you’ll feel about things when you see others are happy because of something YOU did.

Giving, I believe, is a great cure for sadness, anxiety and self-obsession. In-fact, giving is the best medicine for sadness.

The Law of Cause & Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that whatever you send out into the universe, comes back to you. So every cause has its effect, every effect, its cause.

American essayist, lecturer and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson famously once said “You get back what you put out. It is like a boomerang. You throw out good and good comes back.”

Now I’m not naïve enough to think that for every single good thing I do, I will only attract good things back and never encounter any kind of negativity or bad situation… that would be foolish of me.

Life can’t be sunshine and smiles all of the time, we need to experience the bad to learn and grow.

But remember…

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. – Robert Schuller


I challenge you all, to get out there, do something good, give something back, and if you still need any convincing, watch this…


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Written by philip_logan

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