Fuzzable Blogs: March 24 – Here’s what a last minute blog looks like

I’ve literally forgotten that today is the day I have to upload a blog.

Do you ever have a feeling that you have a thing to do but you can’t remember what it is? And you start panicking because you were sure that it is, in fact, an important thing, but you just can’t remember what exactly it was. This was basically my week. With a dose of procrastinating.

I’m not going to lie, I was supposed to be busy as a bee, but let’s just say I was a queen bee, since I didn’t do anything at all. I was just lying in my bed with a sense of urgency and a feeling of panic. It’s something I’ve heard many people call the fine art of procrastinating. While we’re on the subject, how can a word be so bad but sound so nice and smart and posh?

And then, it hit me last night when I saw the date. March 23rd (it was past midnight). MY BLOG IS DUE TOMORROW?!?!! I was so flabbergasted I almost didn’t finish my 3 A.M. Criminal Minds binge watching session.

So let’s sum up my month- it was boring. And now you’re about to read 500+ words about just how boring it was. Hey, it’s Friday, it’s not like you have anything else better to do. Unless you’re an extrovert. In which case- go, spread your wings my little grasshopper. Say hello to the ones on the other side. Don’t forget about us, the little people, the bookworms, the Netflix users, and bring back a gift (leave it by the door, will you? We don’t feel like socializing.)

Anyway, I started the second semester this month, and I finally admitted to myself that I actually have a crush. And let me tell you- a crush is a bad idea when you’re in university. Especially if it’s your first crush (thankfully I’ve been skilled at the art of non-crushing for 19 years). Just take my word for it and don’t try this at home, youngsters. I was writing quotes about him and just doing the whole admiring-from-a-distance thing in general. Sometimes not from a distance either, since we’re actually friends (cue the friendzone jokes) and we end up together somehow (and by “somehow” I mean I would sneak up to the group of people he’s with and pretend that I’ve been there all along). Also, I’ve kind of been kissing up to him by food, I guess? It worked like a charm though, that may be the subject of my next article, just to help out all you other lost poor, poor souls.

And now the procrastination. Wow was there a lot of it. I’d say something about being a pro and deserving a medal, but honestly I’m such an introvert I’d probably send my mom to pick it up. The whole week was just filled with naps, music, books, the occasional walk, and absolutely no studying.

Luckily, I was able to snap out of it the day before my anatomy test, and I actually picked up a textbook (without getting out of the bed, mind you) and started to study. I had very little faith that I would actually pass the test, so I walked through the door with the “whatever” mood. I sat down, and a weird thing happened. I knew the answer to the first question, as well as the second, and I was pretty sure I’ve heard someone explaining something related to the third one (“Perks of being around nerds”– a memoir), etc. Of course, there were a few questions I’m not even sure we’ve studied, since I never saw them in my whole entire life, and there were others that I remember skipping while studying because “of course they’re not gonna ask that one” or my personal favourite- “Oh, snap this is too complicated. I’ll just cherish the precious but limited space in my brain for the important stuff.

Thankfully, I (just barely) passed.

I don’t think I have anything else clever or interesting to tell you, so let’s wrap it up at a sudden and unexpected stop, shall we? Have you ever wondered what an awkward little duckling looks like with a gun?

*spoiler* it’s still cute

Spencer Reid GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Things I liked this month: my crush; album Divide by Ed Sheeran (I know you just fangirled); book Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (the trailer for the movie looks good too!); Criminal Minds binge watching session; Snickers ice cream (the one that looks like the chocolate bar); been surviving on pizza; my bed.

Things I didn’t like this month: my crush (is this an irony or a paradox?); I bought quite an awful bunch of bananas at the store; my anatomy exam; 3 A.M. neck cramps and emotional distress after Spencer Reid got arrested on Criminal Minds (OUTRAGED!); gotten pretty sick of surviving on pizza.

New life motto:

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I just now noticed all the brackets I’ve used for this article (and I’m sorry about that but I don’t feel like editing).

So until we meet again, I have consciously chosen this iconic gif as my closing statement:

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Written by Azra

Genetically modified to despise raspberries and have a weird obsession over Sprite and a boyband

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