Fuzzable Blogs: March 20 – Am I now a journalist?

So in my last update I explained how I had just finished studying to become a journalist and was waiting to receive results.

In amongst the stress of it all, I am also trying to find a full-time job. But employers like to see grades, because apparently grades show if you’re capable of succeeding in the field or not.

Fortunately, the results are in and somehow I managed to do really well. I’m honestly so confused by the fact considering I was anticipating doing a bunch of resits for pretty much everything.

I even managed to get 100 words a minute shorthand? You can’t imagine how many times I cried when I received the email telling me. And you certainly can’t think up the number of “celebratory” take out meals I have used this success as an excuse for… (Hint: it’s a lot).

But despite this, there was one major issue that ended up looming over me and ruining everything about this success.

On the day most of my results came in, there was one mark still showing up as ‘Pending’. Meaning I was yet to receive a grade.

I reached out to my tutors and asked what was going on, and was advised there was nothing to be concerned about. But upon contacting the examination board I was instead informed that an error had taken place and that a piece of my examination had failed to download to the marker.

Due to this I was left facing a wait longer than any other candidate in my cohort. More worryingly, I was left experiencing a set back on an employer even considering reading my application. Because no grades meant no proof of capability.

I was disappointed and riddled with nerves – especially since I am someone who gets really anxious about exams and results. So this prolonged, agonising, extended delay just left me in a constant state of stress.

I can’t count how many times I refreshed my results page hoping, praying, that the grade would appear sooner than anticipated. Wishing that some marker, somewhere in this messed up country, would have taken pity on me for the fucked up mistake that took over a month to even be identified as an issue.

After worried nights of no sleep, unheard prayers and numerous attempts of contacting my tutors, some weeks down the line, the mark finally arrived.

I can now confirm that after receiving every single grade that not only did I successfully pass my course and achieve an overall diploma in journalism, but I am now a gold standard journalist having obtained high grades in everything.

I am so happy all my hard work and the horrible, tiring stress paid off.

This is just the first step in my journey as a journalist and I can’t wait to see where I eventually end up.

Are you waiting on any results or wanting to share with someone the grades you’ve recently got? Head on over to @Fuzzable so we can celebrate together.

Written by Jenn

still irish. still a psychology grad and nctj accredited journalist. still hopeful that caroline flack will marry me. ew i'm 23 now.

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