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Fuzzable Blogs: March 1 – Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it

Well, as the title suggests, February was full of ups and downs for me. But we’ll focus on the ups, shall we?

My first up was I went to London with my boyfriend! It was our first time going away by ourselves and personally, I think we nailed it. Even if we did get lost (what did I say, ups and downs). But you can read all about that journey here.

Then, it was my birthday. I was absolutely spoilt by having three meals out! As long as McDonalds counts. I almost managed to keep it on the low from my colleagues, until one of them went on Facebook. Normally I wouldn’t keep it so secret, but I’d eaten the cake I was supposed to bring in.

I thought I’d won Valentines Day with my gift to my boyfriend, but then I opened mine to find my own Beauty and the Beast rose! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I almost cried. It even matches the new wallpaper in my room which is bookshelf patterned. That was a palaver and a half, just putting it up.It took two days to do two walls and I had to sleep in my sister’s non-memory foam bed. But, we’re focusing on the ups.

There were more down than ups, but in the words of Ronan Keating, ‘life is a rollercoaster; just gotta ride it.’

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