Fuzzable Blogs: June 3 — Mid-Year Meme Roundup

It’s right about that time of year when everyone seems to start conversations with “Can you believe how fast the year has gone?” Some people are preparing for college, others are working overtime to save up for a post-high school vacation…

Basically, June is a time when the glass half-full or half-empty question really comes into play. The half-fullers will be avidly using their time readying themselves for the future, while the half-empty camp will most likely be taking it easy for what is left of the year.

Regardless of your chosen activity in the sixth—yes, sixth—month of the year, I think it never hurts to scroll through a few solid memes. Whether you need a pick-me-up after a long work day or you just want to let your brain run on autopilot, plug your charger in because below is a compilation of my personal favourite memes over the past few months.

The royal wedding that stopped the world birthed some pretty neat — and not completely incorrect — memes.

This new-age humour, which sources its power from the above intertextual ambiguity, always has a place on my meme lists.

Next on my list is this perfectly pampered floof-ball, who is totally sentient towards its own pampered floofness.


The wrestler-turned-meme of the century that is John Cena never fails to remind us that there is truly good out there in this world.

Last, but by no means least, this Mario Kart clip, complete with orchestral support, pulls at the heart strings. Truly evocative and a perfect summary of 2018 memes at their peak.

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Written by The Uyen Cao

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