Fuzzable Blogs: June 23 – the post-grad slump

Unfortunately, the post-grad slump is real—well, at least for me. Like, graduating is amazing and all, truly and wonderfully, but it also comes with this sometimes unexplainable slump. Now, this slump is something I had heard about ever since beginning college four years ago, but I obviously never knew if it would happen to me or not. It somewhat has.

My closest friends moved in the middle of my senior year, but I took it in stride. Seeing people in my classes, at work, and in extracurricular activities was helpful in keeping me social, but after graduating, I was no longer seeing people everyday (especially on days that I was off from work), and it has grown to be incredibly isolating.

The isolating feeling of the post-grad slump has extended to me not even texting my friends that moved to keep in touch, because once I start to feel isolated, the feeling metastasizes into something bigger and worse.

I graduated over a month ago, and as of late I am working on seeing friends here and there, once or twice a week, to help myself stay social and not linger in a dark place. I know that I begin my master’s program in August, so the loneliness should be temporary as I hope to make a bunch of friends when I move and begin this program.

But until then, I am going to continue pushing myself to reach out to people. This will hopefully help pull me out of isolating myself and also help me groom friendships that will last for a long time to come. This all may sound cheesy, but it is real and something I wasn’t expecting to experience after graduation but one that I must tackle head-on.

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Written by Preston Smith

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