Fuzzable Blogs: June 16 – Four shows I’ve been binge-watching

Welcome back to my monthly Fuzzable blog. Last time, I spoke about some of the songs which had been the soundtrack to my month, however, this time I’m turning my attention to good old Netflix.

Over the past few weeks, I have developed an obsession with Netflix. Up until now, I haven’t really made the most of my subscription at all. I initially signed up for the free trial, watched a few shows that I’d already watched a million times over, made a point of binge-watching the first season of 13 Reasons Why, and then let myself be charged for something that I never had the time to use.

However, thanks to some top class recommendations from my work bestie (and a new season of 13RW), I’ve definitely made up for lost time. Here’s four shows I’ve been binge-watching this month.

13 Reasons Why

Let’s start with season two of 13 Reasons Why. It’s hard not to be sucked in to the hype surrounding the show, and whilst it has been at the centre of a number of controversies, it does highlight many horrific real life issues which are sadly very much reality for many people. After binge-watching the first season on a weekend, I decided to take my time with season two and completed it over the course of four days. Overall, I didn’t find this season to be as harrowing (minus THAT scene in the finale), but the messages throughout were just as strong. I’m already looking forward to seeing what direction season three will take us in.

The Job Lot

The Job Lot takes place in a fictional West Midlands based job centre and follows the trials and tribulations of its staff and jobseekers. As soon as I watched one episode per the recommendation of my colleague, I was hooked – in two days I’d smashed through all three seasons. It’s hard to say what I loved the most – the amazing Brummie accents, the eccentric characters, Russell Tovey, or the general banter throughout. Even if you’ve never had to go to the job centre, you will definitely resonate with something within the show.

Friday Night Dinner

Another recommendation from my work bestie, which has led to Friday Night Dinner being one of my favourite TV shows of all time. The concept is so simple, however, it just works so incredibly well. There are a million catchphrases and situations which occur within each episode, but that for me is what makes it so addictive to watch. The characters are just bizarrely wonderful, from the crazy Goodman family to the peculiar neighbour Jim and his dog Wilson (one of the best TV characters ever). Season one and two are on Netflix, but then I had to resort to All 4 for the final three which was painful thanks to the adverts, but so worth it. Also, I am now just a little bit in love with Tom Rosenthal and I’m not even sorry about it.


Finally, I’ve just started watching Plebs (nothing to do with Tom Rosenthal…honest!). This is a show that I’ve seen advertised over the years but never really bothered with, however, I wish I’d watched it earlier. It’s silly, a little crass, and generally just laugh-a-minute content. Grumio (played by Ryan Sampson) is so deadpan, he makes me howl. It’s also the only show where I don’t skip the titles, they’re too funny. I’m currently halfway through season two but I can’t wait to keep watching.

What have you been binge-watching on Netflix? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable

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