Fuzzable Blogs: July 21 – The Best Animated Disney Movies

Welcome to another month and another blog post from yours truly! A couple weeks ago I had the time of my life at Disneyland. They don’t call it the happiest place on earth for nothing. But, it got me thinking – what do I consider to be the best animated Disney movies? So, as one does, I made a list. Here are the top five best animated Disney movies (plus some honorable mentions).


This movie is one of my all-time favorites. It is absolutely adorable, and it has a whole lot of nuance. There are so many themes to be unpacked from the exclusivity of art to the emotional bonds and nostalgia we have around food. It is a wonderful movie and I would highly recommend it.


Tangled is my favorite princess movie. I’m not a huge fan of the music besides “I See The Light,” but the story and characters are some of the best. Flynn and Rapunzel are a dream team, and the supporting characters are perfect. I always cry at the end, which is the mark of any good movie.

Big Hero 6

I feel like this is one of the most underrated Disney movies. It has so much heart. There are lots of funny moments and some really cool technology. It’s definitely worth watching multiple times.


Zootopia is another feel-good movie with a lot of nuance. It’s enjoyable for young children and adults alike. The whole concept is excellent and the execution is perfect.

The Aristocats

This is one of my favorite childhood movies. Marie started my obsession with white cats (I now have a white cat of my own). It’s a wonderfully fun movie with superb music and a zany plot.

Honorable Mentions

I can’t make a list without having a few honorable mentions. Sleeping Beauty is a classic that I love, and my favorite Disney princess growing up. The Emperor’s New Groove is a bit weird plot-wise, but I love the characters and Yzma is one of my absolute favorite Disney villains. Cars is a great movie with fun characters. Coco is stunning and makes me sob every time I watch it.

What are your favorite animated Disney movies? Let me know down in the comment or over on Twitter @Fuzzable!

Written by Sarah

Sometimes I write things. Loves memes. Too attached to Netflix. You can find me on Twitter @TheCCUnicorn.

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