All the Love, Your Sixteen Year Old Self

Fuzzable Blogs: July 17th – All the Love, Your Sixteen Year Old Self

Okay so I admit that I’m not really good at starting these things, but here it goes:

Hey Ellie,

It’s your sixteen year old self here, and I’d like to start this off by saying happy 17th birthday! 17 years ago today, you were born on exactly this day of the week (Monday), on exactly this hour of the day (2:00pm). Have you got your free Starbucks drink and maybe a glass of champagne (since it is your champagne day)? Good, because I advise you to get comfortable as I have some advice for you.

You spent most of your year as a sixteen year old exploring new things and teaching yourself new lessons. You discovered a new side of yourself and have tried to become a better version of who you were when you were fifteen, fourteen, thirteen…yeah, you get my point. Anyways, in the last months of you being sixteen, you realized something that I guarantee will change your life sooner or later.

You realized that you’ve spent most of your time writing, and reading, and listening to music like the music-obsessed freak you are. And although that’s great, you forgot to have fun. You forgot to go out to your favourite ice cream shop with your best friend on Friday nights, and instead replaced that with watching horror movies by yourself in your bedroom, with junk food. I know it’s your Friday night tradition, but it’s Friday night – it doesn’t hurt to have fun every once and a while.

Sixteen year old you also realized that your life isn’t worth it if you’re not doing everything you love, and you’re wasting time wishing that you were. You realize that being ordinary and being nobody is boring, and you want to do something about it. So if you’re sitting on your bed right now wishing you were living out your lifelong dreams, get up and do it. You have the power to make it happen; you can become somebody and you can be more than just ordinary. And like you said at the beginning of the year, 2017 is your year to make shit happen. It’s a new year + a new age – MAKE IT HAPPEN.

My next piece of advice is something you’ve been longing to do since the day you turned sixteen. You’ve been wanting to break free and get out of your boring little suburban town outside of Toronto. You’ve been dying to get out, and you’ve spent a shit ton of time thinking about how. Here’s sixteen year old you telling you that seventeen year old you can do it. You can break out and leave your boring little town behind for something bigger; something greater. And if you need motivation, listen to Never Be by 5 Seconds of Summer or Perfect Places by Lorde. You’ll find inspiration somewhere in the lyrics of those songs, and with your determination, you’ll be able to do it.

My last piece of advice is this: Ellie, you’re seventeen years old now. This means that exactly three hundred and sixty five days from now, you’ll be eighteen – legally an adult. Please, spend your last year as a teenager being just that, a teenager. Because three hundred and sixty five days from now, you have to take on legal responsibilities which scares sixteen year old you to death. Go out late at night with your best friends, cause trouble in the middle of night in the middle of street, watch the sun rise on a roof (something you’ve never done and wish you could), discover new things, find new passions and things to love, go on spontaneous and crazy ass adventures, and most importantly, be you; stay true to yourself. Do what you love and what your heart most yearns for. Keep becoming a better version of who you were, and keep maturing into a beautiful young woman. Sixteen year old you is finding ways to overcome her many insecurities, so hopefully by eighteen, you’ll be insecure free.

It’s a new age.
A new year.
A new you.

These are all the words I have to say to you on your special day, so happy 17th birthday (or champagne day) Ellie. I know you’ll go on to do great things and concur the world doing what you love to do. Just promise me you won’t forget who you are or where you belong.

Focus. Have fun. Be wild and crazy. Take risks. Be spontaneous. Do what you love and love what you do. Follow your dreams. Keep yourself motivated and inspired. Keep your heart pure and your mind open. Cause trouble but-

Don’t hurt yourself.

All the love,

Your sixteen year old self.

Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

Blogger, writer, amateur photographer, singer, book and band freak. I'm obsessed with poetry, writing, and music. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @elliedoedemosse. Follow me on Tumblr: Business Inquires:

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