Fuzzable Blogs: July 16 – When in doubt, make a playlist

It’s July 16, I’m up to my eyeballs in work with zero motivation and I’ve just remembered that it’s my turn to write a Fuzzable blog, oops.

The month since my last blog has been full of ups and downs, which has become the norm recently. I won’t bore you with the downs, however, I’m pretty sure I’m in the middle of my quarter life (+1) crisis and it’s rather unsettling. One minute I feel as if I have everything mapped out, and then the next I have no clue what I’m doing with my life.

In terms of the good, all my happy moments this month have been music related. I got to see Demi Lovato twice on her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour, and even got to meet the queen herself in Manchester. If that wasn’t exciting enough, at the end of the meet and greet, we were fortunate enough to be pulled aside by Demi’s team and given a free upgrade to side stage view. It was the good karma we desperately needed at the time, and I couldn’t have been more grateful to Demi’s team for randomly picking us. Both concerts were phenomenal – Demi’s vocals are out of this world.

On Saturday, I went to BST Hyde Park on behalf of CelebMix. During the day I got to interview a bunch of upcoming talent and I also managed to watch a lot of the performances including my baes DNCE and the evening’s main man, Bruno Mars. Whilst I appreciated all of the day’s opportunities, I cannot deny the fact that the ultimate highlight for me was walking into the golden circle area and coming face to face with ALL THREE OF THE JONAS BROTHERS. Obviously Joe was there as he’d just performed with DNCE, but Nick and Kevin came to support and I nearly died. The Jonas Brothers were a massive part of my teenage years and to see all three of them together in the flesh was just too much for my fangirl heart. (I am going to talk about this until the end of time).

Seeing as music has been my saving grace this month, I thought I’d end this short blog with a playlist of some of my favourite songs at the moment. I hope the songs make you bop along and put a smile on your face.

Let me know what’s your favourite song from the playlist and share some new songs I should add to it! Get in touch via Twitter @Fuzzable.

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