Fuzzable Blogs: December 9th – Goodbye 2017

So, blog number twelve. Which must mean, December is upon us and 2017 is about to leave us. To end the year, I thought I’d write a letter to the year just gone.

Dear 2017,

Here we are again, another year been and gone and I’m still here. I’m writing to thank you, to hate you, I don’t know just yet. It’s been a weird year and I don’t think I’m ready to really face everything that’s happened this year but here we go I suppose.

I feel like you’ve taught me a lot about myself. You’ve taught me that I’m a stronger person than I actually am. Even though I still don’t feel like I am, especially now I’ve reached the challenge of going through university. But I’m still here and I’m still fighting through university and doing the best that I can. You’ve taught me just how strong my friendship with my best friend is. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country now, we still have exactly the same, if not a stronger friendship. And, finally, you’ve taught me that maybe I’m just not ready to leave home yet. Moving away to university was a huge change for me and I haven’t adjusted to that very well. And, well, I’ve learnt that it’s okay.

Some big things have happened for me. I finished college, thank you, because college this year was great. Apart from maybe Easter term, that wasn’t the best. But, I had three people around me who made me actually look forward to going to college. Finishing college was a huge thing that you bought for me this year and I still feel proud that I made it out with grades that I’m proud of. I found it hard in some parts, which I’ve learnt is normal but here I am.

I also got my first tattoos this year, all of which, I adore. They all have a special meaning to me so thank you for making me brave enough to actually get them done. It still makes me smile when somebody asks about one of my tattoos and I get to explain the meaning behind it.

And, the last huge thing that’s happened to me was, well, I started university. Getting to university again was a very big thing for me. It’s something I’ve been working towards pretty much my whole life and now I attend university. Although, I’m not happy there and am planning on leaving at the end of this academic year, i’m still there. I still made it. I’m proud of myself for getting this far and for making the decision that I’m not happy and I need to change some things.

Of course, the year hasn’t been all good. I’ve suffered loss this year and my mental health has been pretty bad but that’s something I’m working on and will continue to work on. Not every year is going to be amazing and not every year is going to be shit, so.

Thank you 2017, for the good parts and the bad parts. Both have made me stronger and taught me something.

Until next year,


Written by chloe

Hello, I'm Chloe.

Massive nerd. An All For The Game fan first and a person second. Massive gamer and anime lover.

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