Fuzzable Blogs : January 7th- Celebrating a year of Fuzzable

On January 1st Fuzzable turned one. So I felt it was only that this blog celebrated what a fantastic year Fuzzable has had.

Fuzzable has had a few incarnations. But I have to say I like this one best!

We started creating content for Fuzz (as us writers affectionally call the site) back in October 2016. So by our launch on January 1st, we had loads of really cool content ready to go.

One of the first pieces published on the site was this post, explaining just what Fuzzable was all about.

Over the past year, we’ve put out some great pieces across every section of the site. Covering a variety of subjects.

Below are five of my favorite pieces we have put out on Fuzzable this past year, I’ve picked these pieces as they really show how diverse Fuzzable is in terms of the content we put out, and highlights just how talented our writing team is.

  1. How to grab a charity shop bargain – written by Katrina, it gives handy tips on how to grab a bargain charity shops and thrift stores.

  2. 5 things you need to do NOW if you want to work in media   – This was written by Jack (our boss and creator of all things Fuzz.) It’s full of really useful info about working in the media industry.

  3. Things To Do & See In New York City – Our writer Philip gives some ideas of really cool stuff to do and see in New York City.

  4. NaNoWriMo: the ultimate writing challenge – Uyen tells you all the facts about the ultimate writing challenge.

  5. Booksellers reveal the weirdest things they’ve heard from customers – Polly gives a good laugh with conversations overheard by booksellers. If you want a giggle this an article for you!

What has been your favorite Fuzzable article or memory from the past year? Let us know at @Fuzzable

Written by Kelly McFarland

Likes to post in monochrome on Instagram.
Twitter: @kellymcf6
Instagram: @kellymcf6
Contact: kellymcfarland89@gmail.com

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