Fuzzable Blogs: January 7 -What Kelly Wrote

I like words. They can be pretty,like a nicely wrapped birthday gift or they can hurt like falling over and scraping your knee. They are emotive they make us think and feel many things both good and bad. All our life we learn from and see the power words can have. We all use them for many different things in our daily lives. Conversing with friends both verbally or online, shopping, during our work and school lives. They are huge part of lives,they hold a lot of power.

Recently I’ve found starting to write a personal blog after many years of not,is hard! It’s not like riding a bike. You don’t get back on it and suddenly remember how to do it. The words you write in a personal blog are raw and they show who you are, you pick them with care to get your thoughts and feelings out over an topic you choose.

I write a lot,have written my whole life since I was young enough to realise you could put words together in a sentence and make a story.

At seven years old I wrote a story at school about going to Disneyworld in Florida and meeting one of my favourite characters, Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

At eleven I had a letter published in my local newspaper, my reward was tickets to a Basketball game. To me seeing my work in print was the best reward ever.

By the time I was sixteen I was writing for a local magazine, news articles and reviews about things happening in the local area. I wrote for the magazine for a few years until I left for University, to study Creative Writing.

At university I wrote a lot. Heavily influenced by what was happening in my life. I cringe now when I read some of the work back,I think it’s true when people say you are your own worst critic.



Written by Kelly McFarland

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