Fuzzable Blogs: January 30th – Who Am I?

Who am I? I have thought long and hard about how I would like to introduce myself to Fuzzable readers.

Writing about yourself can be a tricky thing… how do I talk about myself in a fun, interesting way without sounding completely pretentious or egocentric?

I tend to overthink things and when brainstorming for my first blog post, I got way too deep and I thought, well who am I and what do I want to use this (Fuzzable) platform for?

So without allowing my mind anytime to think, I grabbed a pen and wrote down 10 things about myself…

  1. I believe I’m a good person.
  2. I like to think I contribute good things to the world and to the lives of those I love.
  3. I love music.
  4. I love to dance.
  5. I enjoy clothes and fashion.
  6. Sometimes I care too much.
  7. I give my heart away WAY too easily.
  8. I don’t always know when to let go and move on.
  9. I like to believe in good and that good things will happen.
  10. I’m really lucky.

I put my pen down, got up from my desk and put on my favourite new song…

An hour later I looked back over my list and I found myself really drawn to the last thing I’d written “I’m really lucky”.

Luck… what does that word even mean in 2017? What defines ‘being lucky’ and how as people do we perceive ‘luck’ in todays world?

I’m lucky because…

    • I have a wonderful family
    • (To the best of my knowledge) I’m in good health.
  • I live in a country where I have a choice, a choice to be who I want to be and do what I want to do.

Sounds corny right? But it’s not. Because not everybody has those luxuries. Not everybody has the freedom I have in my life, so yes, I think of myself as being very lucky.

That’s not to say I don’t ever get complacent or caught up in the wrong things and obsess over what I don’t have or they ‘why me?’ ‘life’s not fair’ melodrama… but with all that’s going on in the world, and looking at the lives who people don’t have a choice but to live, I think it’s really important to count your blessings, recognise your position in the world and remind yourself to feel lucky for what you have in your life.

We have but one life, so count your blessings…

Back to my list…

I have loved music and dance for as long as I have been alive, and maybe even before that too.

Nothing touches me like a piece of music. Never do I feel as free or as alive as I do when I dance. It’s something that I can’t really explain or make others understand.

Britney Spears was EVERYTHING to me growing up. For reasons unknown, there was just something about her that triggered me and it made me feel alive to watch her.

In 2008, Britney talked about dance being her “therapy”, and in turn gave me the words I had, until that point, been unable to find when explaining what dance meant to me.

Everybody has a world that they create around themselves. If I have a lot of nervous energy, when I start dancing it all goes away and I just feel emotion… it’s like a rollercoaster. People think that when you go through something in your life you need to go to therapy, for me art is therapy because it’s like you’re expressing yourself in such a spiritual way. Sometimes you don’t need to use words to go through what you need to go through. Sometimes it’s an emotion that you need to feel when you dance that you need to touch on and the only thing that can touch it is when you move a certain way.”

Britney Spears

Sometimes I care way too much about what other people may think, say or feel about me… and I don’t want to.

I can be pretty careless with my heart and I give it away too easily to people and things that I shouldn’t… I’m working on that.

And it is so very true that I don’t always know when to let go and move on, because I’m always scared of what may happen if I let go of something that was meant for me and what if I can never get it back?.. seriously, what happens? Someone please tell me / help me!!

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

– Yves Saint Laurent

I can’t say I’m the most fashionable person on the planet, but I do love clothes, observing what’s happening on the runway, reading fashion books and experimenting with different styles.

How you dress is an extension of your personality, it’s another way to express yourself and it’s fun!!

My love of clothes and fashion can be seen for all on my Instagram.

Follow me on http://www.instagram.com/philip_logan

You will know there is good, if you trust in the good.

People will try to tell you that the world is a scary place. And that things right now are as bad as they have ever been. But I chose to disagree.

Yes, there are scary things happening around us and yes, there are some scary people, committing unthinkable crimes against humanity but there are also some wonderful, kind, caring people in our world, doing amazing things and I chose to focus on and celebrate them.

There is good out there, you just sometimes have to fight a little harder and look a little deeper to see it.

So, who am I? This is just a little bit about me… but enough about me, let’s talk about you, what do you think of me?

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Written by philip_logan

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