Fuzzable Blogs: January 26th – Welcome to Georassic Park

Hey, I’m Georgia. Welcome to Georassic Park (pun intended).

But seriously, if you’ve stumbled upon this Fuzzable blog, hey! This is my first ever blog type post so please go easy on me. I’ve never been good at small talk so let’s get that out the way.

I’m Georgia, I’m 17 and I live in the UK, specifically the South East. I’m currently studying sociology, psychology and media studies at A-Levels at college. I enjoy college, a whole lot more than I ever enjoyed school. There’s still the downsides, like getting up at 6 am to then get on two buses which takes a total of 2 hours for me to actually get to college (one way), but I can’t imagine myself at anywhere else.

I’m not quite sure what I want to do in life. There are so many different options that seem interesting to me but whether I want to pursue them as careers or not is a different story. But I’ve grown to become content with the idea that it’s okay to not know what to do, that I’ll eventually figure it out as long as I keep trying.

Instead of talking about each thing I like individually, here’s a short list of things about me.

1. I’m often associated with coffee

I’m not gonna say I’m addicted to coffee, but my friends might disagree. It all started really when a Costa shop opened up 5 minutes away from my house. Before that, I’d occasionally have coffee, but now it’s very very often. If you’d like to know my “I order the same thing every time I go there to the point the baristas know what I’m gonna get when I go in”, it’s a medium decaf vanilla latte.

2. I have my nose and septum pierced

Getting my nose pierced was something I’d wanted to do for a long time and the summer after I’d left school I got it done. As strange as it may be, I never really liked septum piercings before. They just weren’t for me. But I grew to like it and thought it’d look nice alongside my nose ring, so a few weeks before I turned 17 I went and got my septum pierced. I love them both and when I take them out to clean them it’s strange seeing what I look like. I’d like to get more piercings in the future, but probably ear ones rather than facial.

3. My most recent hair colour was vibrant pink

I’ve dyed my hair in the past but it was only after I’d left school that I decided I wanted to experiment and dye it different colours. So I bleached my hair and dyed it blue. That then faded to a turquoise and then a pastel green. After my AS exams in my first year of college, I decided to dye my hair a vibrant pink. I’ve had that ever since but it’s faded to a kind of light pink/orange now. My hair is naturally dark brown so when my roots grow back through, it shows. I’m not the type of person to worry about my roots showing. I don’t mind everyone seeing my natural hair colour as they know my hair isn’t going to be vibrant pink anyway. Plus, it’s nice to let your hair breathe and not be soaked in chemicals. Dying my hair for me isn’t just for fun, although it is a big part, but each colour can symbolise a point in my life, even when it’s faded.

4. Playing video games is one of my favourite things to do

I’m probably not the best at video games, but I love playing them. I like seeing how video games have evolved and how they’re very cinematic now. It puts the player in a position where they feel like they’re making the important choices and they can gain an emotional attachment to it, or at least I do! Some of my favourite games are Until Dawn, The Last Of Us, The Last Guardian and so many more. I tend to enjoy games with longer storylines in them, they grab my attention more and make the gameplay so much more interesting. I normally avoid playing horror games myself because they can make me incredibly anxious in the moment, so I settle for watching a YouTuber, for example, play them instead.

5. I really like bands

It sounds cliche but music’s there for you when others aren’t. My favourite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer, twenty one pilots (as you can see in my Fuzzable Faves post) PVRIS and State Champs, but there are so so so many more that I listen to and love. Going to concerts is also another favourite thing of mine to do. I’m not an incredibly outgoing but when it comes down to concerts and gigs I am there if I’m able to be. There’s not a lot better than being in a room full of people singing as loud as possible to your favourite song. You’re singing the lyrics to the band, and they’re singing them right back at you, with you even.

6. Paisley is one of my favourite patterns

I’ve recently bought a paisley quilt cover and it’s one of my favourite things ever. It’s made me realise how much I love paisley as a pattern. I’d love to buy some shirts or other items of clothing in the future with a paisley pattern. It’s just so pretty.

That’s all, folks! Thank you for reading this (if you’ve gotten this far). I hope this has given you some kind of insight into who I am and some of my interests. Maybe you’ll join me again next month and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Fuzzable team’s blog posts!

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