Fuzzable Blogs: January 24 – Meet Michele

Hey! My name is Michele and I am from New Jersey, USA. I am a Mexican-American attending college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Media Studies and Production. Although, it didn’t start out that way.

I was originally an Art Education major. I guess the first question that comes to mind to most is “What made you change majors?” It’s not that I didn’t like being an art major, it’s just that I fell in love with another subject even more.

From elementary school, I knew that I wanted to be an art teacher and I never really thought about being anything else. I felt comfortable and secure with pursuing it. However, since going to college, I became aware of so many more opportunities that were available, and some I did not even know existed.

Working in the media industry had always been a dream for me, but it didn’t seem realistic, or better yet, I did not have enough confidence in myself to pursue it. That is, until my second semester of college.

Once I made the switch, I knew that I needed to give it my all to achieve my goal of working in the media industry, Whether that be in social media, journalism, or another career, I knew that I needed to start looking for opportunities to gain experience.

I found that in June of 2016 when I started writing for CelebMix.

I will never forget writing my very first article. I felt a rush of excitement and pride, especially once I saw the article published. I couldn’t believe it. So many people had the chance to read my writing online. It was then that I knew I made the right choice in switching majors.

I felt that I had so much to offer the world, and studying Media Studies and Production would help me fulfill it.

I soon started writing for other websites, such as Society19, The Tab, Her Campus, Odyssey, BuzzfeedThe Temple News, and most recently, Fuzzable. I also started to help with social media, including CelebMix’s Twitter and Instagram, CelebMix5SOS’s Twitter, and Society19’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Since I write for several different websites, I decided to create a blog so it would be easy to find all of my articles in one place.

Yes, attending college, completing school assignments, writing for different websites, and helping to manage different social media accounts can be overwhelming, but it is all worth it.

The advice I want to give you all is to not be afraid to take risks. Go put yourself out there, because you never know what you might find out there in the world.

Here’s to 2017. Make it a good one!

-Michele x

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Written by Michele

My name is Michele Mendez and I am a student at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production. Have a story idea? Contact me: michelemendez182@gmail.com TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, & FACEBOOK: @michmendezmedia

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