Fuzzable Blogs: January 21 – Sarah’s Not Introduction

I suck at introductions. Talking about myself is up there with getting eaten by a shark on my scale of things I’d like to not do. Icebreaker activities make me want to hurl. So, to give me some sort of motivation to write this, I’m officially calling this my not introduction. Enjoy.

Let’s start with some boring stuff. My name’s Sarah. I am a 19-year-old college student in the United States. I’m majoring in journalism, with a minor in women’s studies. As for what I want to do after college, I don’t really know. When people ask me, I usually wave my hand in what I assume to be the general direction of New York City – my sense of direction is non-existent – and spew something about writing for a fashion magazine. That would be really cool, but I still don’t know exactly. I’ve already changed my major twice and I’m finally happy with journalism. I don’t want to rock the boat trying to look TOO far into the future.

In terms of hobbies, I’m essentially the definition of a lazy millennial. I have a deep hatred towards any sporting activity, but I do enjoy dancing, although I’m about as flexible as a lamppost. I love music and YouTube, although I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a lot of time to watch. Dan and Phil, Philip DeFranco, Meghan Hughes, Connor Franta and Connor Manning are the YouTubers I watch religiously. I got so inspired that I even created my own YouTube channel (little shameless plug). I also like to write, obviously. Seeing as I’m a journalism major and write all the time for fun you’d hope that I enjoy it. I have my own personal blog that I started a little over a year ago. I originally planned for it to be fashion and beauty-related, but it’s turned into conglomeration of things I’m interested in and care about.

Recently, I discovered the incredible invention of Netflix, and now I’m nothing short of addicted. I recommend Parks & Recreation and Stranger Things. And go watch Game of Thrones, too, even though that’s not on Netflix.

There’s some pretty basic information about me. Now, here’s a few random, interesting facts about me:

  1. My current best friend didn’t invite me to her 7th grade birthday party because I was annoying her by correcting her grammar and by generally being a know-it-all.
  2. I’m terrified of moths and horses.
  3. I’m 5’10”.
  4. Cats are the best. I don’t care what you say about dogs, cats are superior. Although I love all animals. But cats are the best.
  5. I have the loudest voice ever, even when I’m trying to be quiet.
  6. Six is my favorite number.

Well, I’ve officially hit a roadblock after #6, so I guess I’ll stop there. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about myself. If you want to hear more of my ramblings, feel free to follow me on Twitter (last shameless plug, I promise). Ok, I think I’m done.

Until next time! I leave you with a nice gif of Harry Styles. Because what’s better than that?


Written by Sarah

Sometimes I write things. Loves memes. Too attached to Netflix. You can find me on Twitter @TheCCUnicorn.

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