Fuzzable Blogs: January 16 – Introducing Me, Katrina

For your perusing,
At times confusing,
Slightly amusing…
Introducing me!

If you’re currently ‘do-do-do-do-do-do-do’-ing in the style of Nick Jonas, then we can most definitely be friends. Let me introduce myself – my name is Katrina, often known as Kat. I’m a 25 year old charity shop manager from Wales, who dreams of being a journalist, preferably in the world of showbiz. I also have a penchant for boybands, gigs and pop music in general. Throw it all together, and you get me – bit of an odd combination, but that’s life for you.

Today, you’ve stumbled across my Fuzzable blog post, which is part of a series in which you lucky things get to know more about our writers. Seeing as this is my first Fuzzable blog, I thought I’d just get the awkwardness out of the way by introducing myself.

What better way to do so than by sharing 10, potentially interesting, probably useless, facts about me?! Here goes…

1. My favourite Disney character is Marie

You are NEVER too old for Disney. Everybody has a favourite character, and mine just so happens to be the sassy kitten from The Aristocats. To begin with, I just found her adorable, then I actually saw the movie and loved her character even more. “Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!” is one of my favourite quotes ever.

2. Swaying hugs are one of my favourite things

You know the ones, when someone hugs you tight and you swing around together in a circle? The BEST kind of hugs.

3. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people spell my name with a C

I’m easily annoyed by a lot of things, but people spelling my name with a C is one of the things that winds me up the most. For example, some of the volunteers in work have written my name with a C on my Christmas cards for the past three years. I give them a card every year, with my name clearly written on it. My name is written at least ten times on the weekly rota, every week for 51 weeks of the year. I don’t know whether it’s stupidity or laziness – heck, maybe they secretly hate me and are purposely trying to get on my wick…if so, then they succeed. I also get annoyed if people call me Catrin, or Christina or something which is very much not my name and never has been.

4. I don’t wear make-up

Apart from concealer to hide away spots, I don’t wear make-up. I never have done either, aside from one time for a school prom. As a young teenager, I experimented with those magazine freebies and found myself looking more clown-like with it on, so I’ve just never worn it. There’s no doubt in my mind that I could do with wearing it, but I genuinely lack basic girl skills and knowledge, so I just… don’t. Anyhow, the world has had to put up with my natural face for the past 25 years – I think it would be even scarier if I was any different now.

5. I have three celebrity loves of my life

Jay McGuiness, Joe Jonas and John Newman. Need I say more?

6. My car is named after Joe Jonas

If you hadn’t guessed from fact number five, one of my longest running faves is Joe Jonas, who I’ve supported for around ten years now. When I was 17, I bought a Renault Clio (the same car I have now), and at the time, it was the coolest thing on the planet to give your car a name. So, I called mine Joseph Adam Jonas…Joe for short, obvs. When I met Joe for the first time last year, I nervously blurted this out to him and he just laughed at me – make of that what you wish.

7.  My favourite film is About a Boy

About a Boy is my favourite film of all time, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it. I love Hugh Grant and I think his and Nicholas Hoult’s father and son-like relationship is just hilarious. Their ‘Killing Me Softly’ duet is also absolutely priceless.

8. The most disgusting donation I’ve had to deal with in work was…

A used sex toy. Complete with some lovely brown stains. One of the joys of working in a charity shop is sorting through the weird and wonderful items that have been donated. However, sometimes you make a few grim discoveries. This one time, I had the misfortune of looking through a suitcase that had been donated to the shop. As usual, I checked all the compartments in case something had been left behind, and felt a weight in the lid of the case. I opened the zip, and found some cigarettes and this dirty dildo. Needless to say, I zipped the suitcase back up and put it for the rubbish. It’s a unique first story to tell any new volunteers when reminding them to always check compartments in bags and cases!

9. Going to gigs is my favourite hobby

I’ve lost count as to how many gigs I’ve been to in the past ten years – it’s such an addictive yet thrilling hobby. Music is one of the most important things in my life, so getting to see my favourite people live in concert is special to me, whether it’s for the first or the tenth time. Looking back, if I’d have saved my money instead then I’d probably be well on my way to owning a house or something, but I have no regrets. Life is short and I’m in a position where I can still go to gigs when I want to. Maybe I’m “too old” but it’s fun and I will continue to go for as long as I can. Gigs are my happy place – being in a venue with like-minded people who adore the same music as me is a wonderful feeling.

10. I have a horrible habit of slipping into different accents

I’m Welsh, and I have a fairly strong Welsh accent, however, I’m partial to slipping into the Yorkshire accent in work because one of the volunteers is from Leeds. I also like doing the West Country accent (really badly, as I can only really tell you that I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester).

There you have it – ten facts about yours truly. In the months to come, I hope to keep you updated on my current quarter life crisis (because turning 25 makes you question e v e r y t h i n g). This will most likely contain funny stories from my current work place, my journey in following my celeb journo dreams, rants, gigs and my travels in general.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, then I hope you join me and my ramblings again next month. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Fuzzable team’s blog posts too!

Hwyl am y tro x (Welsh for ‘Bye for now’)

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Written by Katrina

twenty-something content writer with a penchant for boybands, theatre and Disney. Email: katrinanaomirees@gmail.com

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