Fuzzable Blogs: January 16 – Goals for 2018

Welcome to my very first Fuzzable blog for 2018! We’re already halfway through the month and 2017 seems like a very distant memory. Whilst you can read through my previous blogs here, I thought I would kick start my first blog of 2018 by sharing some of my goals for the year.

Every year I tend to make the same New Year’s resolutions and they fall apart pretty quickly. However, this year I’ve opted for goals which are vital if I want to be happy with myself as a person.

1. Take as many chances as possible

This is a goal that I definitely worked towards last year, but during 2018 I want to kick it up another notch. Every opportunity can lead to something even better, so I want to go the extra mile and make sure that I put myself out there and take any chances that comes my way.

2. Continue to grow in confidence

In order to achieve my dream job, I need to further grow in confidence. I feel like I’ve pushed myself a lot more over the past year but I’m still very introverted compared to how I was in University. This isn’t ideal considering that a lot of journalism involves communicating with new people, the thought of which fills me with dread. If I push myself with my first goal and take as many chances as I can, then my confidence will grow too.

3. Learn new skills

Again, in terms of achieving my dream job, I think that I’m lacking some key skills. I really want to learn to use a decent photo editing program, film and edit videos and learn more about coding.

4. Broaden my writing horizons

It’s no secret that experience is key in life. Whilst I am fiercely loyal to the sites I already write for, in terms of my overall CV, I’m lacking a lot of experience when it comes to media and journalism. This year I want to get some more experience under my belt by opening myself up to additional websites. Failing that, I’m tempted to restart my blog. Either way, I know that I need to write, write, write and write some more.

5. Save some money

I am a self proclaimed spendthrift and whilst 92% of the time I have no regrets as life is short, my 8% sensible self knows that it’s also important to keep a little money aside for a rainy day. I’m awful at keeping money in an online account as it’s so easy to transfer back and forth. However, at the end of last year, I bought myself one of those money boxes that you have to smash in order to get any money out. I’m doing well so far, although I haven’t kept count of the money I’ve put in as I want it to be a surprise at the end.

6. Learn to love myself

If I don’t love who I am, then how can I expect anyone else to love me? I want to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of who I am, both inside and out.

What are your goals for 2018? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable

Written by Katrina

twenty-something content writer with a penchant for boybands, theatre and Disney. Email: katrinanaomirees@gmail.com

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