Fuzzable Blogs: February 12 – I Have Nothing To Wear!

Sunday afternoon. I am sitting on the floor in the middle of my room with a bunch of dresses, shirts, skirts and jackets scattered all over the floor around me. No, I am not cleaning my wardrobe. And that is sad because “Sort out wardrobe” is No.1 on my To-Do list for 2017. On the other hand, it is not the end of the world. 2017 has just begun what means I still have 322 days left (yes, I counted) to complete the task or… Maybe more like 2 because I will be busy with school, friends, chores and other very important things (like sleep) for 320 days.

Talking about friends, I have a meeting. A meeting with a “friend” at 2 P.M. An hour may sound like plenty of time to get ready. For a man…Or a dog… or any other normal homo sapiens but not for me. I need like 13 hours to get ready and still go out looking like Chucky from ‘Child’s Play’.

Don’t remember him?Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „chucky from child's play“

Yep, that’s me.

And that also means I am always late. EVERYWHERE! Wait a minute. I have just remembered something. There is something in my kitchen that will improve my mood immediately. 2 boxes of cookies, pizza leftovers and probably 5000 kg of ice cream in the freezer. Mhmm…Wait, but Isn’t sugar one of the reasons why all those weird red spots appear all over your face and other body parts? Dang, I wish I thought of that earlier. Oh well, it is not the end of the world (I guess), I still have 1 day to start eating healthier. Why 1? I will be very busy with more important things for 320 days and will spend 1 more day cleaning my wardrobe. So I have 1 day left. Not bad. That is plenty of time. I think.

After awhile with a face full of regret I came back to my room and fell on my bed. I have completely forgotten about the meeting. Oh well, I guess I will just call and tell her I am not feeling well (I am not one of those people who cancels plans the last minute, but I’ve got a very important reason this time). We are not very good friends anyway. This friendship is nothing like Kendall and Gigi’s, Sponge Bob and Patrick’s or whatever… you got the point. Our friendship is rather based on you do that for me I do that for you. But still, it would be nice to go out and clear my head from all the unnecessary thoughts but…I can’t. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

I stare at the wall. It is my 4th cup of coffee, by the way. I have already exceeded my limit because I usually have two. What a weird and unusual day today is (not at all). Why am I sitting on my bed while others are relaxing on a beach in some tropical island right now? Tom Hiddleston even had Taylor Swift’s name on his shirt.

Why can’t I spend some time with a hot dude on an island? And why can’t he have my name on his shirt? On the other hand, who needs a hot dude when you have your dog. Fluffy, cute and loyal. For as long as someone offers him food. My dog always chooses food over me. I don’t blame him, though. If I was him, I would do the same.

The sound of my phone ringing interrupts my thoughts. I answer. It’s my mom. “Hey, honey wanna go out for lunch”. I hear my belly growl but a pile of clothes on the floor catch my eye.


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