Fuzzable Blogs: February 1 – Birthdays are for losers

Well, January’s over, and we move ever closer to my 20th birthday. It’s a scary thought, but this time next week I’ll no longer be a teenager. Luckily, I have my boyfriend, Jay, to get through this worrying time with, as his birthday was last month. So that is where we’ll begin.

His 19th birthday didn’t go as well as planned, so I had to make sure that his 20th would be better. Which it definitely was!

We went out for a games night on the Friday with our friends, as we do every week, but this week I let him win at Mario Kart, which I would never do under any other circumstances, but that’s between you and me. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s no big deal,” right? Wrong. Since we got together we have always had a little rivalry over Mario Kart, ever since he cheated and knocked me off the course by bouncing off Yoshi’s head; coming first and leaving me to come seventh. But when I chose Rainbow Road four times in a row, he didn’t like it and rage quit.

Anyway, on Saturday, we went out to the Italian in Fairford for the night. The food there is amazing and you can’t knock the service. Everyone is so lovely there and are always up for a laugh. We opened presents and I think it’s safe to say I aced it this year. We all did. From me, he got an engraved ice cream spoon, a ‘Why I Love You’ book, and a surprise trip to London, which we’re going on this weekend. It was hard to keep all that a secret, I was so excited.

Sunday was fairly relaxed at home, cuddled up in bed, Netflix and chill. Until we went out for another meal, this time to Pizza Hut with more friends. Now, we love Pizza Hut, so when I suggested it, he jumped at the chance. Unlike a friend in the past who decided Pizza Hut didn’t have enough variety… Although we left in a food coma, we did stop at McDonalds for a McFlurry and some cheese bites… Oops…

Although we both had work on his birthday, we spent Monday night with our families. We went to the Indian in Cricklade for a meal out, (there seems to be a theme here) and found that his mum had bought him two tickets to see Russell Howard live as well as the presents she’d already given him. So we went to that last night, after a trip to Kaspas, and it was a lot better than I’d expected if I’m honest.

But I, of course, had to eat the birthday cake I’d bought him because he doesn’t like cake much and it was almost coincidentally my favourite cake at the moment.

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