Fuzzable Blogs: December 7th- Christmas in the sun

It’s December already. Feels like I was only just writing my blog about plans for the summer. Well, it’s nearly Christmas. And this year I’m doing something a bit different, this year I’m going abroad for the festive period with my family.

Usually, we do the big family Christmas thing at home but after a fair few rubbish Decembers, we’ve collectively decided to switch things up a bit. We are going to Cape Verde for 2 weeks.

We booked it months ago. Sort of stumbled across the destination really. We were looking on TUI website at Spain and other places that are nice and warm…. then an ad came up promoting TUI holidays to Cape Verde in Africa for the same price we were looking at for Spain. So we thought why the hell not?

We’ve booked 2 weeks at the Melia Tortuga Beach and Spa Resort with TUI. None of us has ever been to Cape Verde nor have we ever been somewhere remotely warm to celebrate Christmas. It also happens to be my Mum’s birthday on Boxing Day so that’s another thing.

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My Dad celebrates a birthday milestone tomorrow and I celebrate one in early January so when I write my next blog I’ll be a whole year older(how much wiser is anyone’s guess). So all these were another factor in persuading us to book something a bit different.

The closer it gets the more I’m looking forward to spending a large portion of December in the sun, catching up on my reading list that has got so long and spending time with the family.

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