Fuzzable Blogs: June 2nd – Books with a history

I’m always looking out for books with a history. May that be a copy of a literary classic from the 1910s, or one I’ve never heard of that’s lost its covering and must be opened to be revealed.

Slowly but surely I’m building my own collection of old books and they take pride of place amongst my bookshelf. If I pass an old book shop, a second hand shop or a charity shop- I’m in there straight away.

They beauty of searching for books with a history is you never know what you’re going to find. It could simply be a well-loved book with crumpled pages, making you question who its previous owner was, what made this particular book special to them. Or it could be in perfect condition, yet inside its previous keeper is revealed by a delicately written name and date.

Although I’d happily buy any pre-loved book that sparks an interest, there are some I’m constantly looking out for. What if a charity shop owner mistakenly labelled a first edition copy of The Great Gatsby for £2? Or a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with its famous misprint is sat amongst a pile of cast off young adult books? I’m always on the look out.

A few of my books with a history


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Written by Enya

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