Fuzzable Blogs: August 21 – Knowing Your Limits

By the time you’re reading this post, my school year will have already started. I am currently in the throws of savoring every last bit of summer. For some reason, this one seemed particularly short. Maybe it’s because I took summer classes, so I never got a long, proper break. But alas, it’s that time again. One thing that I always find myself thinking about when it’s time for school again is limits, especially knowing your own limits. So that’s what I’m going to talk about today.


Knowing Your Limits

I’m the kind of person who likes to be inundated with work. That’s how I get things done. Give me one task and I won’t finish it for days. Give me seven tasks and I’ll finish them all today. As a result, I like to push myself a lot. This semester I’m taking 18 credit hours and working 28 hours at two different jobs.

That’s a lot. But I think I’ll be able to do it. I know that even if it might be rough, I am capable of handing all of that. After pushing myself over the edge my freshmen year by taking too many classes and putting too much pressure on myself, I now know exactly how much work is going to put me on the brink. I am even more aware of the “warning signs,” if you will, that I am getting extraordinarily overwhelmed and can’t handle the amount of work and stress being unloaded on me.

So, I encourage you to figure out where your limits are, preferably in a healthier way than I did. And don’t be afraid of failure. I have always been someone terrified of failing, but once I let myself fail, I realized that the world wasn’t crashing and burning. It’s okay to drop that one super difficult class that is giving you hell. It’s okay to fail that test that is impossible to study for. You’ll be fine. Trust me.

Written by Sarah

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