Fuzzable Blogs: August 13 — Stress

Stress is something everyone is forced to deal with. We’re simply human and we’re easily overwhelmed by the happenings in our lives. Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with that stress so here are five tips that could help you get rid of your stress.

1. Do something you love or nothing at all.

Bonus tip: Take a nap!

A good way to get your mind off things is by doing something, especially something that brings you joy. Find a way to relax even if it’s doin go absolutely

2. Create something.

Bonus tip: Combine this tip with #4

If you’re into art then use your emotions to create something. Who knows, maybe your stress could help you create a masterpiece?

3. Listen to music.


Listening to music is helpful in pretty much every situation. I know it always helps me relax and keep my mind off things.

4. Express yourself.

Write about what worries you or talk about it. Screaming out could even be helpful.

5. Clean.

Do your best to have fun while you tidy up too!

As odd as it might sound tidying up the area around you could help you clear your mind. Organizing the mess around you could help declutter your stressed mind.

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