Fuzzable Blogs: April 4 – My New Blog Set Up

March 21st

I have decided that I’m going to change the way I write my monthly blog posts now. I will write a little bit every day so you get to know me a little bit better. That will also make these posts slightly longer.

It’s currently 3:09 and I have to sit in detention for another 30 minutes. I didn’t do anything bad to land me in detention, I was just late to school too many times. I also have another detention on Thursday. That one is also for being late. Being late too many times = 40-minute long detention. Detention is honestly not that bad, I’m just sitting in the office listening to music. (Playlist down below) They aren’t even making us do anything.

On the brighter side, a girl at my school, not really a friend more of an acquaintance, revealed the gender of her baby. She is having a boy and his first and middle name is Rylynn Scott. I’m not saying Rylynn’s last name for privacy reasons. She may be young, but I’m completely confident in her skills to raise a baby. She also has her husband and family to help her out.

March 22nd – 25th

I was sick with a fever so I had to stay home from school. There wasn’t much to do because I was sick. I could only sit and watch YouTube videos.

March 26th – April 2nd

This was my spring break. It rained almost every day. However, on the 1st my Mom had her wedding. I plan on writing something up about it. I’m just waiting for pictures from everyone.

April 3rd

Today was my first day back at school and it was rough, to say the least. Getting back into the swing of things is really hard. I like being up real late and get up at noon. I enjoy staying up late. For me, there’s something peaceful about being up late when everyone else is asleep.

April 4th

I have SAT’s tomorrow and I’m freaking out about them. I know this post is really short, but I have to study for them.


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