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Fuzzable Blogs: April 18th – The End Of An Era and A New Start

As I’m writing this I’m in in the depths my final year deadlines; three years at university studying History has led me to this point. My social life is pretty much sinking and my relationship with the library has been blossoming more than it ever has before. It’s also seen a lot of reminiscing. In the three years, I’ve been living in Kingston I’ve changed into a totally different person (I like to think in a good way) my confidence has grown more than I ever thought it would, the opportunities I’ve had both good and bad have shaped my personal strength and self-belief is finally something I like to think I’m a pro at. Time management is still something I’m not brilliant at but I guess we can’t all be perfect, can we? I’ve been in education almost all my life, I never took a gap year and you know what? I can’t wait to just take a step back for a bit!

But what does the future hold? Well in July it’s going to take me back to my hometown of Bournemouth just to find my feet a little bit more, work and try to make a life plan before diving straight in at the deep end. I always forget how much I love Bournemouth until I go home for a few days then having to leave the seaside and my family so going back for a while will be a great experience. We all have dreams of things we want to achieve, places we want to visit and a life plan we wish to follow. But right now, I’m just trying to live in the moment as much as I can, we can get too wrapped up in trying to stick to plans that we just forget to enjoy the now. I’m guilty of it as I’m known for being a massive over planner and yes at times it can be very handy but at other times it becomes my key focus.

I’m really sorry that this blog has been a ramble into my mind and how my big educational era of my life is soon to be closing and a new one in the big wide and real world is about to start. It’s scary but you know what? I’m ready to face it. I can smash this, just you watch and see.

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Written by Nicola

A history student with a love for boybands and writing.

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