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Fuzzable Blogs: April 16 – Five of my favourite Take That songs

Welcome back to my monthly blog! This month’s blog is dedicated to my favourite manband, Take That.

I’ve spoken about my love for Take That in a previous blog, where I shared seven boybands that shaped my life. Thanks to being born in 1991, unfortunately I missed most of their run the first time around. However, growing up I listened to a lot of their music and longed for the day that they would reunite.

I got my wish in late 2005 when reunion rumours flew about, and once they released their comeback single ‘Patience’ in 2006, I was hooked and my love for them has continued to grow ever since.

On Saturday, I went to see Take That in Sheffield for the second night of their Greatest Hits Tour (check out my review here). The show was absolutely superb and was a perfect celebration of their 30 year career.

The concert got me thinking about some of my most loved Take That songs from over the years, so today I’m going to share five of my all-time favourite Take That songs (and an extra few for good measure).

‘Said It All’

‘Said It All’ is hands down my favourite Take That song of all time. Featured on the Circus album, I love the whole era but I’m a sucker for a power ballad and this song just hits me in the feels every time.


I loved this song growing up (yes, I used to bop to this as a kid lol) and it’s still so catchy today. I was delighted to see Take That perform the song on their current tour, complete with those iconic dance moves!

‘These Days’

The III era is a very important one, both in the history of the band and to me personally. ‘These Days’ was Take That’s first release as a trio, with Gary, Howard and Mark returning following the Progress era which also featured Jason and Robbie. The release of ‘These Days’ and the III album led to me meeting the band for the first time whilst we also won tickets to a special Radio 2 gig, where we were front row. ‘These Days’ is a bop and I will always sing the lyrics loud and proud (and perform the dance moves in my head).

‘Relight My Fire’

‘Relight My Fire’ is one of the staple oldies, and it comes to life even more when performed live at a Take That concert. It’s such a feel-good song, you can’t help but want to move your feet when you hear it (and try and nail Lulu’s guest vocals).

‘Never Forget’

One of the most iconic Take That songs of all time, ‘Never Forget’ will always have a special place in my heart. Having seen them perform it live on countless occasions, I never get tired of seeing the band (and the audience) raise their arms in unison during the anthemic chorus.

Honorary Mentions:

‘The Garden’


‘Beautiful World’

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Written by Katrina

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