Fuzzable Blogs: 9th September – Tattoo Number Two, Finding My Parabati

So, much to my mum’s dismay, I got another tattoo.

My new tattoo is the Parabati rune from the Shadowhunters chronicles which I’m sure everyone has heard of to some extent. Me and my best friend

have been planning to get a matching tattoo for a while now and we’ve been rereading the Shadowhunters books lately so the time just felt right. As soon as I started rereading them and the Parabati rune came up, I knew that it would be a great idea for a tattoo and now here I am, staring at it because I’m so in love with it.

In the Shadowhunters world, the Parabati rune stands for so much. It stands for having somebody in your life that you are willing to fight for, follow to the end of the world and lay down your life for. Throughout my life, I’ve had so many people come and go. So many people who I thought were people who would be in my life forever who have turned out not to be. But, this time I know I’ve found somebody who is truly going to be in my life forever and I’m so thankful that I have a best friend who I truly trust and I will fight for and follow to the end of the world.

One reason why I decided that now was the time was that as of now, I am moving to university in eight days. Going to uni means that I have to move away and obviously won’t be able to see my best friend all of the time and that does my heart a little bit. But, the tattoo symbolises that it won’t be forever and I’ll always come back no matter what.

But, for me, this tattoo also just symbolises my absolute love for the Shadowhunter world. I first read City of Bones back in 2007. I had just read Deathly Hallows twice over and I needed something else in my life so I decided to pick up City of Bones. That was back in 2007 so I was only eight, I enjoyed it and moved on with my life. I didn’t think about the series again until 2014 when City of Heavenly Fire came out. One of my friends let me borrow The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, I binge read them and fell in love with them.

In 2014, I was in Year 10 in high school which, to this day, was still my hardest year in education. Reading these books just became a place that I could escape somewhere else and it was incredible. Reading The Mortal Instruments is also where I was introduced to Alec Lightwood for the first time and I needed this character so much. Back in 2012, I had discovered my sexuality and honestly, I was so scared of telling anybody that I held onto it until basically I had read these books. These books and watching Connor Franta are the reason I am comfortable with my sexuality. Alec is a character that really struggles with his sexuality and I honestly saw myself in him and I can’t thank Cassandra Clare enough for that. He was the first book character that I really found myself in.

In relation to that, reading The Infernal Devices introduced me to Will Herondale. Now, I can safely say that Will Herondale is my favourite character in literature. He taught me so much when I was reading these books. He taught me strength and hope and patience and that somebody loves you no matter who you are and how lonely you feel. Somebody loves you. And I needed that at this time in my life and again, I cannot thank Cassandra Clare for that.

When I think Parabati, I think Jace or Alec or Will or Jem or Emma or Julian or Clary or Simon and each of these characters mean so much to me.

So, I guess in a way, this blog is just one huge thank you. A thank you to my best friend, Dani, thank you for coming into my life when other people had made me think that I was never going to find somebody who I 110% trust. You are one of the most selfless, supportive and all round incredible people I have ever met. And a thank you to Cassandra Clare who has written this amazing world that has taught me so many things and I will always love these books and rereading them.

Until next month!

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