Fuzzable Blogs: 9th July – Leaving.

So, I left college.

When I left high school back in 2015, I knew that college was the right path for me rather than sixth form. I knew that I would thrive there studying journalism, a subject I love with people around me who were there to do the same thing. Having such an awful high school experience meant that I knew I couldn’t stay there for two more years. I just couldn’t handle being in a place that has brought me so much pain and suffering for two more years so I knew college would be the place.

And boy, was I right. Not only have I walked out a much better person than I walked in, so much has changed. I’ve gone from having absolutely no self confidence to starting to love myself. I’ve gone from having so many toxic people as “friends” to meeting my absolute best friend in the world. I have gone from being absolutely miserable to actually being happy. Happy. A word that I could never use to describe how I was feeling in high school. But, at college I’ve been happy. Yes, not everyday has been a good day but I’ve been happy there. At the end of the day, deciding to go to college is the best decision I’ve ever made and I’ll always be thankful that I did.

Going to college was definitely a big step for me. I knew that going into a more creative subject was a risk but I did it for myself. I wasn’t trying to please anybody around me I wanted to do this for myself. That’s what I’ve said throughout this whole experience. My mum had some say because obviously, I wanted her to know what I wanted to do. But, ultimately, college was a decision I made for myself. To prove to myself that I could be happy, I could have confidence and I was capable of making friends who generally care about me.

I can honestly say, hand on heart that I have spent the last two years with the best people. From the laughs we’ve shared to even some of the tears we’ve shared. It’s been such a good two years no matter what the ups and downs. I couldn’t have asked for better, more supportive and positive people to be around. Especially, my best friend. Talking to my best friend on the first day was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I can honestly say she’s the best person that’s ever walked into my life and I can’t wait to see where our next adventures take us.

But, like with most things, there has also been a downside.


Now, yes I’ve said that I can’t wait to leave but in reality, I’m really sad about leaving. As much as I’m excited to take the next step, I’m sad to be leaving college behind. It’s been so good for me the last couple years and saying goodbye was hard. From saying goodbye to my friends and lecturers to just saying goodbye to the area. My next step is moving up the country to Lincoln for university and I must say I’m terrified.

Leaving college has definitely made moving away feel more real. And, quite frankly, I am terrified to leave but also so excited at the same time.

College is two years of my life I will never, ever forget and I’m so happy I went. I will never ever forget some of the experiences and the people I was with. Like I said, I went in as someone I wasn’t happy with and came out a better and happier person.

Written by chloe

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