Fuzzable Blogs: January 1 – Welcome to our website

It’s always weird when you start a new website. It’s easy to get carried away and make over-the-top statements about how you’re planning on changing the world. In an online space that’s filled – or, should we say, a little bit littered – with blogs and opinion pieces, is there really a need for Fuzzable? Probably not, but we’re going to give it a go anyway.

Hello. We’re Fuzzable. It’s January 1, 2017, and with a brand new year comes a brand new website. Of course, Fuzzable isn’t exactly new. We were originally owned back in 2008 by Jack Crute and Lana Vu, who used the website to develop their web design skills and share free online themes and templates for people to enjoy.

A lot has changed since then. Fuzzable relaunched in September of 2015 and closed in early 2016. While we tried to keep the website alive and kicking, the team behind it (who also work at CelebMix) were too busy, and we decided it was best to shut up shop and focus our efforts elsewhere.

What is Fuzzable?

Microsoft codenamed one of their programming codes as Fuzzable, but that’s not what we’re about. Fuzzable is here to be your new best friend. Whether you’re fed up after a busy day of work or you just want something to read on the train, we’ll be on hand.

We’re written by young people, for young people, and we can’t wait to show you all of the amazing stuff we’ve been working on behind the scenes. From fashion and beauty to relationships and charity, we’re covering everything that makes a modern millennial tick.

Can I get involved?

You certainly can! If you’re passionate about writing, we’d love to hear from you. You can apply to write for Fuzzable on our website, and we’ll get back to you within a week.

Watch this space…

We’re not exactly sure where Fuzzable is headed, but we do hope you’ll join us on our journey. Follow us on Twitter, drop us a like on Facebook and check back regularly for new content. Every day, you can get to know one of our writers on our Fuzzable Blogs section.

Thank you

Happy New Year, and thanks so much for checking out our website. Be sure to leave a comment and check back regularly.

Fuzzable x

Written by Fuzzable

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