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Fuzzable Blog: The albums that got me through college

Music albums get me through every day. They especially got me through the last four years as I completed my undergraduate degree. I graduated from college about two weeks ago, and have since spent a lot of time reflecting on my time at my university. In this, I reflected on the albums that I spent the most time listening to throughout my program.

Without further ado, let’s break down this list of music (along with one track to represent each album).

The Pinkprint – Nicki Minaj

This album defined my senior year of high school and in this way acts as a transitionary album between high school and college, with Minaj’s next album not releasing until my senior year of college. I get down to every song on this album, and it makes me overjoyed every time I listen to it.

Electra Heart – Marina and the Diamonds

This album practically invented the very idea of a concept album. It’s the creativity of this album that makes it so appealing to me, and Marina’s voice, lyrics, and production definitely help in making this album one that I can listen to forever and still catch new things every time.

Tired All the Time – k.i.d

This album is full of unique sounds and deep-burrowing lyrics. Every song puts me so far into my feelings, and I really appreciate that in an album. Here, Kara’s voice and Bobbi’s production make the perfect pairing and one that I will never tire of.

Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa

I had heard a couple of Dua Lipa’s singles, and then her debut album dropped and it was so good. The above song is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite, from the album. The songs take traditional pop and add depth and layers of meaning and understanding. Here, Dua Lipa’s prowess shines.

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – Florence and the Machine

This album is haunting in the best way. Where Florence Welch’s voice ascends toward the heavens, it meets deep-cutting messages that take you on a clear journey throughout the album. An extremely solid album that I will never stop listening to.

Aquarius – Tinashe

I saw Tinashe in concert without knowing too much of her music right before I started college. Then, after seeing her, I listened to her full debut album, and I became fully captivated with her sound and style. From slow burns to hip-hop jams that make you really feel yourself, this album stuns.

All Your Fault, Pt. 1 – Bebe Rexha

During my freshman year, I became obsessed with Bebe Rexha’s first EP. Then, this EP released during my sophomore year and I loved it just as much. I felt like I could truly relate to the song in the above video, while other tracks on the EP were fun to dance to. There was a little bit of everything, and it truly got me through my sophomore year.

Burn Wild – ROZES

Like a lot of other people, I first heard ROZES in The Chainsmoker’s “Roses.” Then, I listened to her debut album, and I fell further in love with her sound. Every song on this album brings a smile to my face, and its lyrics hit deeply while ROZES’ voice slides over perfect synth beats.

Not To Disappear – Daughter

This album from Daughter is one that I can always turn to when I’m emotional/just need to let out my feelings. With tracks more akin to poetry when compared to other popular albums, this album shines in the way it conveys emotion through both slow yet powerful and faster (and equally powerful) tracks.

The Altar – Banks

This album didn’t come onto my radar until my third year of college, but after it did, I was obsessed. Banks rejects the “normal” sound of pop and even alternative music and dares to create her own experimental sound. It just works.

I Cry When I Laugh – Jess Glynne

I listen to music for a lot of reasons, and lots of albums affect me differently. This album by Jess Glynne puts a wide smile on my face every single time I hear it. It’s full of feel-good songs, such as in the video above, and is one that I know will always be in my corner to support me.

Melodrama – Lorde

Lorde’s sophomore album released at a point in my life when I most needed it. Because of this, each track reminds me of catharsis and healing, and it remains one that I listen to when I’m down or need a pick-me-up. It’s astonishingly good.

Uninvited / In the Sky – Mallrat

These two EPs by Mallrat were introduced to me this year during my senior year when I saw her live, and then I fell down a rabbit hole of listening to her tracks constantly. Her sound elicits great meaning while being relatable. These EPs provide endless escapes from reality.

Love + Fear – MARINA

This final album didn’t release until a few weeks prior to the end of my final semester (last month at the time of writing), but I have fallen so deeply in love with it. It got me through the stress of the last couple weeks and is continuing to get me through post-grad life. In this way, this album is transitionary, and I’m glad if I were going to have one that it’s this.

Do you love any of these albums as much as we do? What albums are your favorite? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your musical love!

Written by Preston Smith

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