Fuzzable Blog : October 7th, Why the Girl vs Cancer campaign matters

Earlier this week on here on Fuzzable we featured a piece on the #GirlvsCancer campaign.

This campaign launched on a particularly rough week for me, the first anniversary of my maternal Grandmothers death.

My grandmother was in her late 80’s when she passed away. She lived a good life. Got to meet a couple of her great grandkids, see one grandchild graduate, another proudly serve the Queen as a Grenadier Guard.

My grandmother was also a breast cancer survivor.

She had breast cancer when I was about 10/11 years old. Being that young I don’t remember much of the journey she went on. I remember her going to the hospital for a mastectomy.  Taxi’s coming to pick her up and take her for chemotherapy and later radiotherapy at Christie’s in Manchester. My grandma didn’t lose her hair, and I don’t have any memories of her being overly sick during treatment. But again I was young.

Years later my aunt on my father’s side got breast cancer. She too survived. We visited her in New Zealand after she got the all clear. She introduced me to Brooke Fraser, her album ‘What To Do With Daylight” was one she played on repeat during her treatment cycles.

We visited again this year. She’s still a strong and inspirational lady. Cancer didn’t stop her, nor did it stop my Grandmother they both moved on, cancer if anything made them stronger more resilient people.

I hugely admire Lolli for the campaign she has created. Breast cancer and cancer as a whole should be talked about. It shouldn’t be taboo. one in two people will get cancer in their lifetime. I could get it or a person reading this could. We need to talk about it, as the more we talk about it the more people will think and check themselves.

Checking your breasts regularly can save your life.

Breast Cancer Care has some great tips here.

Written by Kelly McFarland

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