Fuzzable Blog: March 7, Careers and Inspiration people

Welcome back to my blog, where we are going to discuss inspiration! I realised the other day how writing for both Fuzzable and CelebMix has given me some amazing opportunities in terms of career progression and meeting inspiring people. This past month has been a bit of a crazy one. I’ve been to see The Script twice, been to makeup/ skincare boutique launch and attended a fashion show.

I was talking to a temporary worker at my day job. I was explaining about CelebMix and Fuzzable and all the events I had coming up ( they all happened to be in the same week.) They couldn’t understand when I said that it was something I did in my spare time purely because I liked to write.

They asked me what I’d wanted to do when I left school. My answer was simple, I wanted to write. Now a good few years later, that’s still true. But now I’d say a Celebrity Personal Assistant or work in some capacity in some Media and Entertainment Law.

I was then asked if I could interview anyone who would it be. Now, this is an age-old question. But again my answers were easy and I didn’t really have to think about it.  Kate Thornton, Claire Richards, Ant and Dec and Chrissy Brookes.

All when I stopped to think about it were people who had started in the entertainment industry in some shape or form when I was still a child. Each of them has had long careers and been successful with what they have chosen to do, and to me that’s inspiring.

Kate Thornton

Kate became the youngest ever editor of Smash Hits Magazine, a magazine I used to read cover to cover growing up. She later went on to host loads of TV shows I used to love such as Pop Idol and was the original host of the X Factor. She’s also done radio and now has her own business, TBSeen. Her career and her drive, especially setting up her own business, is one of the reasons I find Kate such an inspiration for women in the industry.

Claire Richards

A member of the pop group Steps who gave me some of the best memories growing up going to their gigs. and now again as an adult, as Steps are back and better than ever. Claire has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.

Ant & Dec

created one of my all-time favourite TV shows as a child, SMTV Live. They have worked together for over 25 years and have just celebrated a 100 episodes of their show Saturday Night Takeaway. I spent many hours in my early teens going to watch the Britains Got Talent auditions. Ant and Dec are fascinating as they have great timing together on screen and they create innovative and original shows.

Chrissy Brookes

Chrissy is a fantastic dancer. Like seriously amazing. She was on Dance Dance Dance, she has also been on the west end in An American In Paris and is currently rehearsing to star in Strictly Ballroom, which opens in London at the end of this month.

Who are your inspirations? Let me know below in the comments or over on @Fuzzable!

Written by Kelly McFarland

Likes to post in monochrome on Instagram.
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