Fuzzable Blogs: February 18 – 21 Things I’ve Done Before 21

This will be my last Fuzzable Blog as a 20-year-old as in under a week I’m going to be turning 21, Friday 24th is the big day to be precise. If I’m honest the thing I’m most excited about being able to do is drinking in America, having been on holiday there a few times before it’s something I’ve eagerly anticipated being able to do. Now just to get a holiday to the states sorted!

I’m really lucky that my 21st falls on a day I’m able to go and spend with my family but it also means I celebrate with my friends a little while after. A birthday month? I like to think that’s acceptable. On my actual birthday, I’m seeing Kaiser Chiefs live for the very first time, I was meant to see them during Summer but long story short it was a gig on a beach and the tide came in before they could perform. Gutted. But hey, it’ll be a nice way to celebrate being 21!

I’ve been thinking about what to write this blog on and something I personally loved the idea of is 21 things I’ve done before turning 21. I know I’ve done a LOT of things but these are some of my favourite or most memorable.

1. Visited 11 countries

I feel VERY lucky that this is something I’ve done. From Poland to the United States and many in between my love for travelling is high.

2. Had my work published in a magazine

Never thought I’d achieve this in my lifetime let alone before 21.

3. Interviewed one of my favourite bands

The best thing about interviewing Scouting For Girls was that they didn’t let me down and are to date the nicest bunch I’ve chatted to. We also watched The Red Arrows together which was ace.

4. Got into university

In 2014 I got all five of my university offers and now I’m at Kingston University in my third year of studying History.

5. Been pranked by my favourite band

Went to a BBC Focus Group, got stuck in a lift and The Vamps appeared when we left the lift. Shocked did not describe how I was feeling, my face however does.

6. Realised the value of family

When things go wrong in life your family will always be the ones to help you out. Never ever forget that.

7. Lost four of my grandparents

Losing anyone in life is hard but losing all four of my grandparents around the ages of 11-13 really made me grow up fast and learn how precious life is.

8. Followed my favourite band during a tour

I really like The Vamps. It’s a fact known by many. Last year I was lucky enough to do 12 of their Wake Up World Tour Dates across 5 different countries. Here’s a photo from the Paris show which might be one of my favourite gigs of aaaaaaalll time.

9. Made some lifelong friends

Whether this is from school, university or just gigs I’ve been to I know I’ve got a great bunch around me.

10. Lost a lot of friends

Connected to number 9 with making friends you’re going to lose some in the process. I’ve learnt that it’s sometimes really hard to admit a friendship is over but the friends you do still hold close are what you need to treasure.

11. Became real-life Rapunzel











For as long as I can remember people who are meeting me for the first time 9 times out of 10 say ‘Your hair is so long!’ so yeah basically I’m Rapunzel.  Here’s me showing off my hair with my prince (I wish!).

12. Had a song dedicated to me at a gig

15 year old me cried. I still think this was one of my favourite gig experiences by far.

13. Conquered a fear

From going on a school trip in year 5 and being too scared to do rock climbing because of the height to climbing the O2. Ten years on and I can safely say I’ve conquered that fear and couldn’t be prouder.

14. Learnt to love myself

Self-love is SO important and it took me too long to realise this. In the words of RuPaul ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

15. Been to a gig abroad

Live music is a huge part of my life and being lucky enough to go to gigs in many different countries I’ve seen how different crowds can be across Europe and America. I was lucky enough to see Michael Bublé in Madison Square Gardens and I’m never going to forget seeing such a legendary performer in a legendary venue.

16. Pulled many all nighters

From very long nights out with my best friends to cramming sessions in the library to travelling on a Megabus for 20 hours with my best friends and being unable to sleep. All-nighters can be fun but maybe at 21 I’m gonna be getting a little toooo old for that.

17. Gone to a music festival

Music is a huge part of my life and I’m extremely glad to already have some festival experiences under my belt. Reading Festival being the biggest. But a notable mention goes to 2000 Trees and Slam Dunk Festival for being great fun year upon year!

18. Had a trip abroad with friends/solo

As an only child, I love being independent and getting the confidence to go on trips abroad with my friends or even solo is something I’m really glad to have learnt to do before turning 21. With friends, it’s easy to have a great time on a budget and make even the grottiest of accommodation feel like a palace!

19. Achieved something I was told I couldn’t

In Year 6 my teacher told me there was no chance I’d be able to get into the Grammar School in my hometown because she didn’t think I was smart enough (we soon found out it was because her son didn’t get in and she believed nobody could be smarter than him but whatever). I then took the negativity she’d inflicted on me and turned it into a positive by smashing my entrance exams and getting into the school later that year. When somebody tells me I can’t do it I will prove them wrong.

20. Been in a tricky/scary situation and got out safely

A bit of a funny one but me and my best friend Megan once got locked in Regents Park. We’d had a little to drink and had no clue that they locked the gates each night. This then led to us panicking, Megan tweeting about it and us climbing over a dip in the fence as rush hour London traffic drove past. We got out safely except Megan’s poor jeans ripped and we were a little too ashamed to walk with our heads up past the cars who’d watched us.

21. Learnt to live life to the full

Life really is too short to not say Yes! to those great opportunities, tell people how you feel, look after yourself and make incredible memories. Don’t waste time later on thinking What If? Live in the now and enjoy every last second.

What do you want to achieve before you hit 21 or a milestone age? Tweet us @Fuzzable and share them with us.

Written by Nicola

A history student with a love for boybands and writing.

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