Fuzzable Blogs: March 13 – Why Fiction Beats Reality

What’s better, fiction or reality? This question is a no-brainer really. If given the choice, I think we’d all rather live in a book, a film, a TV show, or in the alternate universe we’ve created in our heads. Fiction is simply better than reality in basically every single way.

To prove it, here are five reasons why fiction is better than real life!

1. It helps us escape our responsibilities.

I know know about all of you, but when I read or binge watch a show, I tend to forget about my problems. I forget that I have twenty chores, five projects, and an essay to write. Fictional worlds help me escape the stressful responsibilities of life.

2. Fiction meets (and raises) our expectations.

The chances of me finding the “perfect” guy are low. Not only because there’s no such thing as perfect, but also because fictional characters have raised my expectations a little too high. I mean, where am I going to find someone as funny and loyal as Percy Jackson? Only in fiction can my high expectations be met.

3. We can get rid of those who annoy us.

If you annoy me, there’s a high chance that I’ve thought about bewitching you in one way or another. Or perhaps, feeding you to a manticore. The best part of living in your own imagination is being able to kill those who annoy without them having a clue.

4. You can create your own perfect world.

The best part about living in a fictional world is that we can make it perfect. The real world is filled with a million imperfections and in our own fantasies we’re able to think away those imperfections.

5. Our fantasies are just better.

No matter what happens in the real world, the things that go on inside are heads will simply, always be better. The world inside our heads and the alternate universe we’ve created for ourselves will always beat real life. Our imagination is a powerful, wonderful thing and it makes life worth every dreadful moment.

Sadly, we still have to live I need the real world. On the bright side, life is still filled with moments that aren’t so dreadful and are better than anything we can ever imagine. Thanks for reading, keep living in fiction, and good luck out there in the real world!


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