Francois Klark releases music video for his single “Run”

A few months ago, we introduced Francois Klark in our “Artist Spotlight” series. Klark garnered huge attention with his debut single “Spaceman” amassing positive response from both music lovers and critics.

Well, the singer is back with a new track. Last week, Klark released the music video for his second single “Run”. The song was first premiered by Spotify Canada’s “New Friday Playlist”. Preparing his fans for his album “Love”, the artist is offering us a glimpse into different facets of his work.

Run – A Sequel to “Spaceman”

Making the use of hyperbolic language, “Spaceman” talked about yearning. It showcased the character’s desperation to be with his lover. “Run” is therefore, a sequel to the track.

The music video begins with Klark’s excitement to meet his love. As he feels the carving on his ring, he can be seen “yearning” for the touch of his lover. But to his dismay, the destiny has some other plans. As he arrives in his apartment, Klark encounters a spectacle of betrayal. Unable to comprehend the situation, he runs away.

Lyrics and Musicality

Musically, the beats and rhythmic waves create a sense of cyclic movement. No matter how much Klark tries to run away and escape from his agony, he is brought back to point 0. The same is evident in the reverse motion that is being depicted in the music video.

Lyrically, the song is poetic. The language used in “Run” is metaphorical and each analogy is well placed in the song.

“If you’re just a promise ’round my finger, a shimmer that could fade

But the love inside your heart ain’t read”

Normalizing Love

“Run” is therefore, an extremely thoughtful track. Be it the lyrics or the music video, the narrative has been presented really well. The music video depicts gay couple and the move is deliberate. Talking about the single and explaining the decision to cast a gay couple, Klark said,

“It was important for me to not only explore the more painful side of love and relationships, but also to challenge the viewer to evaluate how they perceive the validity of another person’s feelings and emotions. I therefore chose to portray a couple in a relationship that isn’t widely viewed as normal by the majority of society. I want to impress on the viewer that we are all part of the same human experience – The love and heartbreak that you experience is no different, no less real than someone who is different from you”.

“Run” is now available on both Spotify and iTunes for fans to stream it online.



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