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Everything You Need to Know for ‘The Fosters’ Series Finale + Spinoff

The Fosters has been both entertaining us and educating us since 2013, but despite its long run, it’s coming to an end. The series finale of the Freeform series will span three nights, beginning on Monday, June 4, and ending on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

When we last left the Adams Fosters, we were shown all of the children graduating high school through both present day and via flash-forwards (and what a tear-jerker those flash-forwards were!). Now, however, Brandon has returned to San Diego with a fiancé in tow. The finale appears to pivot on some last familial drama regarding the forthcoming wedding.

The finale features a family trip to Turks and Caicos (which they actually filmed on location!) for the wedding, and the introduction of new faces – Eliza’s parents, brothers, and a new Adams Foster foster child! Eliza’s family brings an interesting, upper-class perspective on life into the fold, Jude (Hayden Byerly) appears to be harboring some frustration, Callie (Maia Mitchell) butts heads with one of Eliza’s conservative brothers regarding progressivism and the field of law, and Emma (Amanda Leighton) finds herself hiding another secret from Jeus (Noah Centineo). With these pressures all looming, the destination wedding appears to be anything but blissful.

Eliza (Abigail Cowen) and Brandon (David Lambert) in the series finale. Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Have no fear if you’re an avid Fosters lover like we are. The Adams Foster legacy will continue in a spinoff, which TV Guide reports is titled Good Trouble. Set in Los Angeles, the series will follow adult Callie and Mariana as they adjust to post-grad life in the big city. Fortunately for them, Brandon and Jude will be close by, with the former working in L.A. and the latter attending a university in the city. Despite being helmed by Callie and Mariana, familiar faces are bound to appear throughout the spinoff – family is the driving force for the series, after all.

When talking to TV Guide, Cierra Ramirez, who portrays Mariana, said, “[Mariana and Callie] are in their 20s, kind of experiencing life and all the trials and tribulations of that — thinking you have it all together and you really don’t. I’m excited to see these girls take on Los Angeles together.” With how intriguing this series is shaping up to be, we can’t wait to see them take on Los Angeles either!

Word surrounding the premiere of Good Trouble is being kept hush as the series is just beginning development, but we will be sure to keep you updated when news does break. Until then, we can make some final memories with the parent series during its three night finale, this Monday-Wednesday, June 4-6.

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