5 things that you should check before booking a foreign holiday

If you’re planning on booking a holiday, then there are lots of things that you need to take into account. Of course, you’ll likely be too excited to be too sensible, and you may end up booking before you know the full picture, but that’s part of going away and having fun. But below, we’ve rounded up some extra checks that you should follow before you book a holiday in a foreign country.

1. Check that your passport is in date

Okay, okay, we get that this is a minor point, but it’s important to mention nonetheless. If you’re planning on going abroad later in the year, then make sure that you hold a passport that is in date. You should remember that your passport must still be in date when you fly back to your home country; if it’s not, you could be kept at customs or be told that you cannot fly home. Therefore, it makes sense to give your passport a quick check before booking and renew if necessary.

2. Read up on local politics and tensions

Unfortunately, some countries just aren’t safe to travel to right now, whether that’s because of political unrest, strikes or terrorism. Before you go booking a holiday, make sure you understand what’s going on and ensure you’re choosing a safe, tourist-friendly destination. The last thing you want to do is to travel to your holiday, only to be too scared or uncomfortable to leave your accommodation.

3. Think about your budget

Some countries are cheaper to visit than others, but you should also think about the cost of living when you get to your chosen destination. For example, how much are the events and activities, and how much does it cost to eat out? Arm yourself with all of the necessary information, as it could sway you towards choosing a cheaper, more budget-friendly holiday resort, or even consider choosing an all inclusive or full board break where meals and drinks are included in the price.

4. Look for quality entertainment

More often than not, travel companies make their resorts look bigger, brighter and more fun than they really are, so do your research and make sure that there’s enough entertainment to keep you busy. There’s no point in spending a week in a foreign country if there’s nothing fun to do, so look for theme parks, bars, restaurants, events and excursions that you can book when you’re away. If it’s down-season or you choose the wrong location, you could be in for a boring week!

There’s no point in going away if you’re going to be bored.

5. Get to grips with the weather

Do a full weather check before you book your holiday and make sure that you’re prepared for every eventuality. If you’re looking for a summer break, use travel websites to find average temperatures for the time of year you’re booking. Or, if you’re not too bothered about the heat, then use your holiday as an excuse to head into town and stock up on a whole new wardrobe!

There you have it – five things that you should do before you book your next foreign break. Wherever you’re headed, we hope that you have the best time. We’re sooooooo not jealous.

Written by Jack

My name is Jack, and I'm the founder of Fuzzable.com and CelebMix.com. I work in marketing, and in my spare time, I love blogging on Fuzzable and binging YouTube videos.

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